Monday, February 29, 2016

Roberto Ortiz Interview in Rincon Puerto Rico

Roberto Ortiz art opening March 5th at Galeria Exodo Rincon! In April 2015 he suffered a stroke. He left the hospital after 2 months and began a painting frenzy. This interview explores his inspirations and how the stroke affected his creativity.
He began painting in oils at the age of fifteen. For forty years he explored landscapes, surrealism and abstract painting. He exhibited in #‎NewOrleans, #‎NewYork, #‎Miami; #‎SanJuan and #‎Rincon, #‎PuertoRico. He lives in Rincon. Painting is his passion.

“My inspiration comes primarily from the great beauty found in nature.... nothing is more inspiring than a beautiful landscape in which one feels peace and tranquility. In my abstract painting I create a balance between composition and a feeling of spontaneous flow found in nature.....many of my paintings come from imagination. These images that I want to see on canvas and bringing them to life keeps me painting."

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