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Luxury Beach Villa Rincon Puerto Rico

rincon puerto rico beachfront property for sale
Live in the tropics! No passport required!

In Rincon Puerto Rico Villa Orleans is a one acre beach compound with a kilometer of beachfront, and is for sale. This beach villa is surrounded by a cement wall, padded with lush tropical vegetation, so you can't see the houses from the road and barely from the sky.   A small creek from the mountain cuts through the property and during the rainy season you hear the tranquil water lapping down from the the mountain.
Caribbean beachfront villa for sale
1 kilometer of beachfront!

The first cement home sits upon a 100-year wall, used for the train once circling the island of Puerto Rico.  It has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.  It has two balconies: one used as a sun deck, the other covered, both overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The covered terrace has dining space for 20, and can be used for yoga space if needed.
rincon puerto rico villa
View from balconies.

This villa has a large wooden deck used for beach weddings and yoga retreats.  It can hold around sixteen yogis. There's also an intimate swimming pool.
This beach is a hard to get, few people wander through here. You can fish from the upstairs balcony of the main home.  Beach homes are not permitted this close to the ocean. This Puerto Rico Beachfront Villa is grandfathered in.
Caribbean Beachfront Villa for sale
Wouldn't you like to live here?

The second cement home has a one bedroom apartment.  Beneath it are two bedrooms, sharing one bathroom. Attached to this structure is small office with its own kitchen, and another wooden deck next to a fountain.
The third home is a caretaker's one bedroom wooden cottage.  It has a small wood shop and storage room. This cottage is surrounded by mango, star fruit and coconut trees.

Puerto Rico is a US territory.  No passport is required. It's less than 3 hours from New York. This villa has enough space to convert it into a luxury beach home or even larger guest house.

Rincon is known as a surf town, with about 14,000 residents year round. It is on the western tip of the island. This area is known as Porta del Sol.  Consistent waves, and sunny weather make Rincon a popular stateside destination in the winter.  Surfing, diving, deep sea fishing golf are nearby.   Fresh sea food is available year round. Year round temperatures average 80 °F (27 °C).

Are you tired of cold weather?  Visit Rincon Puerto Rico!
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rincon puerto ricoPuerto Rico Beachfront Villa For Sale rincon puerto ricoPuerto Rico Beachfront Villa For Sale

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