Thursday, December 2, 2010

Domes Beach Rincon PR

Domes Beach gets its name from the defunct nuclear power plant.  It's a great place to surf.  Years ago I was out kayaking when the waves were around 20ft at Domes.  I was far enough so that I wouldn't get caught in the wave, but close enough, so when a wave passed underneath me, I'd get pushed up, and I could see everything around me as though I was hill top, and after the wave passed I was surrounded by a wall of water.

domes beach
Domes Beach Rincon PR
When surf is up you'll find dozens of spectators on the beach and dozens of surfers in the water.
Check these two old surf videos from a few years ago.

Surfing Rincon PR

Surfing Rincon Puerto Rico

Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront Villa

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