Saturday, November 6, 2010

Corcega Beach Puerto Rico

After Barrero Beach, comes Corcega Beach.  There are a number of great Rincon beachfront vacation rentals along this beach.  It's a long beach,  great for jogging and long walks.  There's a  landmark, a cement boat atop a small rock cliff, called Barco de Milan.

rincon pr

About 50 yards from shore is a wonderful diving reef, where I've seen an anchor as tall as I am.  This area is where a cannon has also been pulled from the water, now on display at a Mayaguez dive shop.
Years ago, when I used to chase whales in my kayak I saw a breaching Humpback, a few hundred yard from this point.    He jumped out, and twisted his body, landing on his back.  It happened so fast, I couldn't  react fast enough to take its picture, but the image is still burned into my retinas and memory.

Rincon PR 

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