Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steps Beach Rincon PR

Steps Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Rincon.  It's home to The Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, created in 2004 to protect this area. The snorkeling here is wonderful.  Plenty of reefs to explore.   Bring your snorkel gear and sun screen.  You can spend hours here.  I've seen all types of fish you see in PBS documentaries. 
It's also home to Tres Palmas, where waves of 30 ft have put surfers to the test.  A couple of years back, there were hundreds of folks lined along Pr 413 watching waves at Tres Palmas.  With only a handful of surfers with the guts to try those waves. 

tres palmas marine reserve
Tres Palmas Marine Reserve

Check out my side show of pictures we took while snorkeling Steps.

Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront Villa

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vegetarian Food in Rincon PR

rincon pr happy burger
Having veggie tacos @ Happy Burger @ PR 413

I enjoy eatting out in different restaurants, but there's always someone in my party that is  vegetarian and this limits where to visit.  Rincon doesn't have an exclusive vegetarian restaurant, but many restaurants do offer vegetarian meals.
Recently I asked The Rincon Tourist Association for information on their members offering vegetarian plates.
Restaurants with Vegetarian items:
 Banana Dang (in Puntas) has a limited food menu but their bagels and paninis are vegetarian.
Club Nativo -  Veggie burgers
El Fogon la Curva - (on Pr 115, next to Pr 429)   "All of our homemade sides have no meat, pizza, jumbo plantains, pizza plantains, italian bread, all our homemade fries (yuca, batatas y papas), fish croquests, lion fish, fisherman platter, our fillets of which come with two sides. We also have sushi with veggie rolls & all different fresh fish we catch on our boat!"
 English Rose……."We have a few vegetarian options...not vegan though...all contain eggs! --Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter $8.00--*Dead Elvis, French toast served with caramelized bananas,  cinnamon syrup.  $7.50;-- *Omelet “Mediterranean” With red peppers, olives and aged cheddar served with toast $7.50---       House Eggs “Rancheros”, Crunchy corn tortillas served  with scrambled eggs,      manchego cheese and tomato chili  sauce W/ black bean salsa & sour cream. $8.50
          --*Eggs Ruby Murry, Freshly baked croissant with sautéed   baby spinach, poached eggs & mild curry hollandaise. $8.50"
Happy Burger (Pr 413 Puntas) "We have Veggie burgers and Veggie tacos."
LPR @ Lazy Parrot (Pr 413 Puntas)--"The pasta is offered vegetarian on your menu & for those who only want vegetables, the chefs make a vegetable platter du jour on the daily specials, as it changes with what is available."
Rum Shack @ Lazy Parrot (in Puntas)- The burritto is offered vegetarian and there are multiple salad, pizza, etc options as well.
Pool Bar - (in Puntas) "We have veggie maki hand rolls, veggie tempura rolls, large organic salads, miso soup, wakame, edamame, grilled tofu and mushroom yakatori."
 Shipwreck -(at Marina) "We have 4 entree size salads, jalapeño  poppers home made; pasta primavera and veggie stuffed mofongo upon request; cheese filled ravioli with a vodka sauce and spinach. We are willing to modify most menu items upon request to accommodate the client. We have a wide variety of fish and seafood items on the menu as well."

Rincon Cafe (front of Post Office) Bean tacos, burritos, vegetarian tacos con tofu,  made to order.
Tamboo Seaside Grill & Bar (in Puntas) "We have a vegetarian sandwich or wrap with black bean hummus, grilled eggplant, romaine lettuce, tomato and italian vinaigrette served with fries or plantains, eggplant and mozzarella timbal, pasta with seasonal veggies, rice and beans and salads. Also our famous tamboo baskets stuffed with homemade salmon mousse, fish sandwich or wrap or grilled served with fries, plantains or rice and beans."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Surfing Villa Orleans Rincon PR

We rarely get waves at Villa Orleans and today we had a nice set of waves.   It's been some time since I've seen waves like these.  Last week the ocean was clear like glass.  This week it's like chocolate milk.  The guys surfing are videographer who worked the Rip Curl Pro surfing competition.  This is what surf videographers do when they're not working.

Rincon Puerto Rico

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Corcega Beach Puerto Rico

After Barrero Beach, comes Corcega Beach.  There are a number of great Rincon beachfront vacation rentals along this beach.  It's a long beach,  great for jogging and long walks.  There's a  landmark, a cement boat atop a small rock cliff, called Barco de Milan.

rincon pr

About 50 yards from shore is a wonderful diving reef, where I've seen an anchor as tall as I am.  This area is where a cannon has also been pulled from the water, now on display at a Mayaguez dive shop.
Years ago, when I used to chase whales in my kayak I saw a breaching Humpback, a few hundred yard from this point.    He jumped out, and twisted his body, landing on his back.  It happened so fast, I couldn't  react fast enough to take its picture, but the image is still burned into my retinas and memory.

Rincon PR