Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Limpy our Beach dog

Limpy Beach dog
This is our dog Limpy.  She passed away.  She was important to Villa Orleans, as she was one of our guard dogs.  She knew who didn't belong on the property, yet was loving and affectionate with guests.
Limpy came to us through a friend, Felicia Miller,  who adopted her off the beach.  She could not keep Limpy in her apartment, so she fed her on the beach.  When Felicia returned to the states, she asked if we could take care of Limpy.
Limpy became Luke's best friend.  They roamed the beach and were always together.  Our neighbors even complained he saw them knocking down garbage cans together.

luke and limpy

When Limpy stopped eatting, so did Luke.  It was as though he knew.  I kept Limpy in my home in Mayaguez and took her daily to Rincon.  Luke knew she was dying.  He stayed near her. 

luke and limpy
I remember, when there are no guests,  I make surprise visits at night, I'd catch Luke and Limpy playing on the beach or swimming in the water.

limpy swimming
Limpy loved swimming.  She often swim at pelicans and chase them around.  She's the only dog I know who can swim and bark at the same time.
 She enjoyed our yoga retreats and could actually stretch.

limpy doing yoga

Limpy is a part of our family.  And she will be missed.

luke and fluffy

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