Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Barrero Beach Puerto Rico

Rincon Puerto Rico Beaches

Miles of beaches line Rincon.  When you visit Rincon, you visit because of the beaches.  Each beach has a name, because each beach has its character, shaped by reefs, tides and where its situated on the island.  I've hiked Rincon Beaches last year.
This year I'ved filmed  the beaches in Rincon and I'll share what I've learned.  Beaches are named by its most popular characteristic.  Barrero is the name of this section of Rincon where Villa Orleans is situated.

puerto rico beachfront villa 

This is a wonderful swimming beach, as it faces south, and it's protected by reefs keeping the tide currents away.  This is a great beach for privacy, as it's difficult to walk through.  The nearest public entrance is about a quarter mile away.  At times the ocean pinches the sea wall making walking to this beach difficult.
About a hundred yards away is The Horned Dorset Primavera, where movie stars and famous politicians hide.   They have a nice stretch of beach for walking or jogging.
There is area is great to explore with huge rocks and nice reefs along the shore.   The best time to pick up sea glass and sea shells is after waves have shaken up the sand, then sea glass and shells are exposed and waiting for you.

This road runs along the top of a wall that was once where the train ran its route.  The French built this  wall for the Spanish in 1890's.  In the fifties, the train went out of business and sold its properties.  Many think this train company belonged to the government, but it was a private enterprise.  Part of this train route travels through Villa Orleans as well.
Rincon PR

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