Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emergency Animal Clinic

My dog Fluffy hasn't been feeling well.  I took him to our local vet this past week.   But Fluffy didn't get better.  Sunday morning he began yipping.  Where do you take a dog for emergency treatment on the western side of Puerto Rico?
I began calling a list of numbers of all the local vets, and I reached answer machine after answer machine.  Finally I called Villa Michelle, our local animal shelter and they directed me to a hospital in Cabo Rojo: The Animal Medical Hospital.
At 9 am I reached a person who scheduled an appointment at 12 pm.
This animal hospital has 5 vets who provide emergency services. Their emergency is $45, and they attended Fluffy quickly.  X-rays, pills, injections and an examination cost me $100.
Their emergency number is: 787-583-0008  Their website is in Spanish, but their staff is bilingual.
I recommend them highly.  And Fluffy?  He's almost back to normal.
The hospital is in Cabo Rojo and is easy to get to.  It's right past Mayaguez Mall.    Take Rout 100 to Cabo Rojo.  It's on your left side, keep your eyes open, its  right before Toro Mortorcycle.
Watch Fluffy's Christmas Special!

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Tricia Carr said...

Thanks for the emergency info. There is nothing worse than having a sick child or dog and not knowing where to go.
My best to you and Fluffy