Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rincon Shipwreck

treasure map

In 1986, Richard Fitzgerald, while taking a group of people fishing, had problems with his engine.  As he looked over the engine, he noticed rows of algae on the bottom of the ocean floor.  He put on a mask, to explore: algae does not grow in rows.  What Richard discovered were canons.  What Richard discovered was a shipwreck, in Rincon, Puerto Rico.
Historical treasure was discovered.  Amidst this treasure was a small round artifact used to navigate: an astrolabe.  Many persons became involved sifting through the wreck.  An argument ensued over the future of the Rincon Astrolabe.
There are too many details that can only be covered in a book already written.  Well, not really a book, but a masters thesis by Gustavo Adolfo Garcia Ortiz submitted at the Texas A&M University.
This summer Texas A&M University, lead by Dr. Luis F. Vieira de Castro will lay down the foundation to begin the excavation of the Rincon Shipwreck.  Dr. Vieira de Castro is only interested in the historical information this shipwreck will reveal.  No doubt, there will be plenty of artifacts and possibly treasure discovered.
Today, the Rincon Astrolabe is hidden in some part of the Institute of culture as well as over a thousand other items already recovered from this shipwreck.  There is a group that have already incorporated a non-profit organization to create The Rincon Maritime Museum or rather Museo Arqueologico de Rincon .  They want to keep the future artifacts in Rincon, as well as the return of the artifacts in San Juan.  This museum can be a great tourist attraction for Rincon.  We need to spread the word and rally support: Let's support the creation of this museum.  

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