Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Ten Thai Aguadilla Puerto Rico

aguadilla restaurant
During dinner at Mia Bistro, the person introducing the small brewery beers identified himself as Chef Andrew Klein, owner of a small restaurant in Aguadilla.  He mentioned his restaurant served beer from a small brewery in San Juan.
I didn't know there was another brewery in Puerto Rico.   There is a brewery in Mayaguez, but it has a mass market flavor I don't care for.  This San Juan brewery produces about 6 types of beer, and only one place in the west serves it: One Ten Thai.
I like good food, and I like good beer, and just like Mia Bistro, it's a rare find on the western side of the island when you can find both in the same restaurant.
One Ten Thai is a small restaurant, a very small restaurant and if you show up late, there is the chance you won't find a seat.  We were lucky to arrive early, right before 6, and a couple had just left and allowed us a table.   Couples and families kept approaching the counter and were being placed on a waiting list. 
After I tried the food I understood why.  The food in One Ten Thai is wonderful.  They don't advertise.  Word of mouth has built up their business.
They started their restaurant out of their kitchen, selling food to friends on weekends.  Chef Andrew Klein, said it snowballed from there.

For appetizers we tried the Summer rolls, veggies and cabbage wrapped in rice paper and the ribs, which were grilled with a peanut sauce, which the only word I can find to describe their wonderful flavor is orgasmic.

   I commented to the waitress that everything tastes fresh.  She told me they grow many of their vegetables next door and they buy their veggies from a farm near by.

vegetarian meal 

My son and I are carnivorous, we each had variations of the same dish: a stir-fry with cashews.  I chose the variation with mahi-mahi.  My son chose the pork variety.


I tried two types of beer, Taina a seasonal wheat beer, and Santo Viejo, a type of Pilsner. 
One Ten Thai sells over 20 types of beer, by far the largest selection of small brewery beer on the western side of the island.   This week they're getting beer from Spain.
How to get to One Ten Thai: It's located on route 110, right outside gate 5 by the airport in Aguadilla.  When you leave the airport, look for it on your left side.  If you get lost, call them:   787.890.0113
My family has lobbied to return, so we'll go back this week.  When you go, go early.  And if there're waves, go even earlier.
One bright note: One Ten Thai is expanding their restaurant.  They'll open the second part in a few weeks.   Check out their online menu on their website: One Ten Thai.
They're open Wed - Sun:
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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Alba said...

One ten Thai is by far one of the best if not the best Thai Restaurant in PR. Andy is a great Chef and Friend... all the staff, his wife Natasha always greet you and make you feel very comfortable. We go to OTT about once a week, since we live in Mayag├╝ez.