Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mayaguez 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games Schedule

mayaguez 2010 games schedule

    Rincon has BMX and Mountain Bike.  This schedule seems incomplete because the Triathlon will be held the 24th and 25th in Rincon and I don't see it.
mayaguez 2010 games schedule

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mayaguez 2010 games schedule

The Mayaguez 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games are coming and I haven't seen anyone post a schedule. But the schedule was hidden in the Mayaguez 2010 Games website.  The blue squares are the ones being held in Mayaguez area.
I was at a meeting recently and it was estimated there could be close to 90,000 persons per day in the Mayaguez area--ouch!  Already there are bad traffic jams with our daily traffic.  Even if 50,000 persons visit daily, traffic will still be terrible.  So if you're coming to the games, it best to start thinking about planning your trip.

View the beachfront Mayaguez 2010 Facilities.
Download Mayaguez Games Schedule.

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