Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rincon Shipwreck

treasure map

In 1986, Richard Fitzgerald, while taking a group of people fishing, had problems with his engine.  As he looked over the engine, he noticed rows of algae on the bottom of the ocean floor.  He put on a mask, to explore: algae does not grow in rows.  What Richard discovered were canons.  What Richard discovered was a shipwreck, in Rincon, Puerto Rico.
Historical treasure was discovered.  Amidst this treasure was a small round artifact used to navigate: an astrolabe.  Many persons became involved sifting through the wreck.  An argument ensued over the future of the Rincon Astrolabe.
There are too many details that can only be covered in a book already written.  Well, not really a book, but a masters thesis by Gustavo Adolfo Garcia Ortiz submitted at the Texas A&M University.
This summer Texas A&M University, lead by Dr. Luis F. Vieira de Castro will lay down the foundation to begin the excavation of the Rincon Shipwreck.  Dr. Vieira de Castro is only interested in the historical information this shipwreck will reveal.  No doubt, there will be plenty of artifacts and possibly treasure discovered.
Today, the Rincon Astrolabe is hidden in some part of the Institute of culture as well as over a thousand other items already recovered from this shipwreck.  There is a group that have already incorporated a non-profit organization to create The Rincon Maritime Museum or rather Museo Arqueologico de Rincon .  They want to keep the future artifacts in Rincon, as well as the return of the artifacts in San Juan.  This museum can be a great tourist attraction for Rincon.  We need to spread the word and rally support: Let's support the creation of this museum.  

Read about The information Texas A&M has.
Read details about the Rincon Astrolobe

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bomba Plena Festival Mayaguez

mayaguez pr
This Sunday February 28,  in Mayaguez the 15th Bomba and Plena Festival will rock and roll at Boulevard de Mayag├╝ez, right next to the Municipal parking lot.  Festivities start at 10 am.  There will be food, arts crafts and Bomba/Plena music.  The Mayaguez School of Bomba and Plena will perform at 12 pm
 This is a fabulous activity, don't miss it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Ten Thai Aguadilla Puerto Rico

aguadilla restaurant
During dinner at Mia Bistro, the person introducing the small brewery beers identified himself as Chef Andrew Klein, owner of a small restaurant in Aguadilla.  He mentioned his restaurant served beer from a small brewery in San Juan.
I didn't know there was another brewery in Puerto Rico.   There is a brewery in Mayaguez, but it has a mass market flavor I don't care for.  This San Juan brewery produces about 6 types of beer, and only one place in the west serves it: One Ten Thai.
I like good food, and I like good beer, and just like Mia Bistro, it's a rare find on the western side of the island when you can find both in the same restaurant.
One Ten Thai is a small restaurant, a very small restaurant and if you show up late, there is the chance you won't find a seat.  We were lucky to arrive early, right before 6, and a couple had just left and allowed us a table.   Couples and families kept approaching the counter and were being placed on a waiting list. 
After I tried the food I understood why.  The food in One Ten Thai is wonderful.  They don't advertise.  Word of mouth has built up their business.
They started their restaurant out of their kitchen, selling food to friends on weekends.  Chef Andrew Klein, said it snowballed from there.

For appetizers we tried the Summer rolls, veggies and cabbage wrapped in rice paper and the ribs, which were grilled with a peanut sauce, which the only word I can find to describe their wonderful flavor is orgasmic.

   I commented to the waitress that everything tastes fresh.  She told me they grow many of their vegetables next door and they buy their veggies from a farm near by.

vegetarian meal 

My son and I are carnivorous, we each had variations of the same dish: a stir-fry with cashews.  I chose the variation with mahi-mahi.  My son chose the pork variety.


I tried two types of beer, Taina a seasonal wheat beer, and Santo Viejo, a type of Pilsner. 
One Ten Thai sells over 20 types of beer, by far the largest selection of small brewery beer on the western side of the island.   This week they're getting beer from Spain.
How to get to One Ten Thai: It's located on route 110, right outside gate 5 by the airport in Aguadilla.  When you leave the airport, look for it on your left side.  If you get lost, call them:   787.890.0113
My family has lobbied to return, so we'll go back this week.  When you go, go early.  And if there're waves, go even earlier.
One bright note: One Ten Thai is expanding their restaurant.  They'll open the second part in a few weeks.   Check out their online menu on their website: One Ten Thai.
They're open Wed - Sun:
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mayaguez 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games Schedule

mayaguez 2010 games schedule

    Rincon has BMX and Mountain Bike.  This schedule seems incomplete because the Triathlon will be held the 24th and 25th in Rincon and I don't see it.
mayaguez 2010 games schedule

  Click on pictures for larger view
mayaguez 2010 games schedule

The Mayaguez 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games are coming and I haven't seen anyone post a schedule. But the schedule was hidden in the Mayaguez 2010 Games website.  The blue squares are the ones being held in Mayaguez area.
I was at a meeting recently and it was estimated there could be close to 90,000 persons per day in the Mayaguez area--ouch!  Already there are bad traffic jams with our daily traffic.  Even if 50,000 persons visit daily, traffic will still be terrible.  So if you're coming to the games, it best to start thinking about planning your trip.

View the beachfront Mayaguez 2010 Facilities.
Download Mayaguez Games Schedule.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints Win Super Bowl


This is a tourist blog, and I  have never written about sports, but I cannot contain my excitement that the Saints won the Super Bowl.  I am from New Orleans and it's one of the reasons we call our vacation rental Villa Orleans.  I moved down from New Orleans back in 1990, but my brother moved because he lost his business and clientele from Hurricane Katrina.
I remember going to Saint's games when I was eight at Tulane Stadium.   I remember when the Saints were so bad, we wore paper bags over our heads because we were too ashamed to let others know we were Saints fans.  I watched games Saints games in Puerto Rico.  This season I watched most of their games.  For the Saints to win the Super Bowl has been a dream for many New Orleanians.  I know there are many Saints fans spread all over the country, because of Katrina.
I know that there is a celebration like Mardi Gas going on in the French Quarter now.  I know that this celebration will go on until tomorrow night.   I know that tomorrow New Orleans will not stop celebrating this win.   Go Saints!