Friday, January 22, 2010

Puerto Rico Mountain Roads

A great day trip is a visit to the mountains. 

Jayuya is in the middle of the island. My sister-in-law owns a small coffee farm.  It's on the side of the mountain.  The road getting there is so narrow, only one car fits at a time.  The road hugs the mountain and twists back and forth, up and around.     Driving up at a crawling  pace, you get the heebeegeebees and your ears pop. 
Farmers must have goat genes, because much is planted on the side of the mountain.   Very little space is flat.  A ball would roll  if you set it on the ground.   You need strong legs and grip to move around here.  
The ground is fertile, very much like Mississippi red clay.   Coffee, bananas and oranges grow in abundance.  The mountain area is cooler and rainier than the coast line.  This is a swell place to visit, but living here would be difficult with rain storms or just driving at night.  The higher up the mountain, the fewer the people.  My sister-in-law is almost the last person on the road.  Someone else lives farther up.

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