Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mayaguez Puerto Rico Plaza Colon

There was much music on this night. The first lady dancing is 87 years old, and she didn't stop until the music did. This was the last number of the night. Mayaguez is having regular activities at the plaza. They're great family activities.
The school for Bomba and Plena of Mayaguez provided the singing, music and dancing.
They are listed in FaceBook http://bit.ly/EscBombaMayaguez.

Mia Bistro, a small restaurant off the plaza set up a kitchen and you could buy and sample their wonderful food. Dark beer (my favorite beverage) was also sold. There were many flavors to try.  I sampled two beers from  small breweries, one from California, and the other from Minnesota.
The next activity is Thursday January 28.
  Participating restaurants:
-Friend's Café
- Ambrosía
- Bonsai Restaurant
- Brasas Restaurant (Rincón Beach Resort)
- Laissez Faire
- Chapas Lounge
- Hypa Hypa Lounge
Music by:
- Sebastián Paz
- Colaboración Jibá
- BosaTrova (Ricky Santiago y Albert Graulau)
This activity is weather permitting.  The last one was rained out.

Mayaguez 2010
Puerto Rico Villas

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