Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mayaguez Puerto Rico Plaza Colon

There was much music on this night. The first lady dancing is 87 years old, and she didn't stop until the music did. This was the last number of the night. Mayaguez is having regular activities at the plaza. They're great family activities.
The school for Bomba and Plena of Mayaguez provided the singing, music and dancing.
They are listed in FaceBook http://bit.ly/EscBombaMayaguez.

Mia Bistro, a small restaurant off the plaza set up a kitchen and you could buy and sample their wonderful food. Dark beer (my favorite beverage) was also sold. There were many flavors to try.  I sampled two beers from  small breweries, one from California, and the other from Minnesota.
The next activity is Thursday January 28.
  Participating restaurants:
-Friend's Café
- Ambrosía
- Bonsai Restaurant
- Brasas Restaurant (Rincón Beach Resort)
- Laissez Faire
- Chapas Lounge
- Hypa Hypa Lounge
Music by:
- Sebastián Paz
- Colaboración Jibá
- BosaTrova (Ricky Santiago y Albert Graulau)
This activity is weather permitting.  The last one was rained out.

Mayaguez 2010
Puerto Rico Villas

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mayaguez 2010 Plaza Colon Bomba Dance

Plaza Colon in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico is having wonderful events.  On this night, National Yoga Day was being celebrated.  Earlier there was a karate exhibition, and then a yoga exhibition, but the Bomba and Plena brought the plaza to life.

Bomba is a style of music and dance imported from West Africa during the time of slavery.   These days Bomba is used to celebrate the culture.   The African rhythm is intoxicating.  It was hard keeping my camera still, when the music was hypnotizing me to tap my foot, bob my head and  dance.
The singer is Jamie Perez, a member of the Yagüembé  folklore group from Mayagüez.  She is also director of the group Bomba Urbana and she teaches bomba and dance through the School of Bomba in Mayaguez ( Escuela de Bomba Municipal de Mayaguez).
Also participating were other members from Bomba Urbana, Taller de la Isla, and Colaboración Jibá.
Visit them in FaceBook http://bit.ly/EscBombaMayaguez 

Mayaguez 2010 Mayaguez Puerto Rico

Friday, January 22, 2010

Puerto Rico Mountain Roads

A great day trip is a visit to the mountains. 

Jayuya is in the middle of the island. My sister-in-law owns a small coffee farm.  It's on the side of the mountain.  The road getting there is so narrow, only one car fits at a time.  The road hugs the mountain and twists back and forth, up and around.     Driving up at a crawling  pace, you get the heebeegeebees and your ears pop. 
Farmers must have goat genes, because much is planted on the side of the mountain.   Very little space is flat.  A ball would roll  if you set it on the ground.   You need strong legs and grip to move around here.  
The ground is fertile, very much like Mississippi red clay.   Coffee, bananas and oranges grow in abundance.  The mountain area is cooler and rainier than the coast line.  This is a swell place to visit, but living here would be difficult with rain storms or just driving at night.  The higher up the mountain, the fewer the people.  My sister-in-law is almost the last person on the road.  Someone else lives farther up.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old San Juan Pigeon Park

We took a day trip to Old San Juan.  It took us only 2 hours because we left Rincon around 4 am, and at that time there's little traffic in the streets.  The pigeon park was empty and as we strolled around, pigeons started flying out the walls.  It was as though, our presence meant breakfast. 

Mayaguez 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Caribbean Games Mayaguez 2010

First look at some of the facilities for the Mayaguez 2010 Games.  This was filmed from Calle McKinley to Isidoro García Baseball Stadium.  Google Maps don't show the progress from their aerial view.  The beachfront facilities are very nice.  They are a series of small parks, where you can hang out, between events at the stadiums.
The Isidoro García Baseball Stadium will be used for baseball and the new Central American Stadium will be used for soccer and track and field events.

Puerto Rico

Friday, January 15, 2010

TripAdvisor Review Villa Orleans

A TripAdvisor Review from a visitor from Paris, France. We get few European visitors.  Temperature in Paris is 3 °C or rather 40 °F.  That's too cold for me.

 Rincon Puerto Rico

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Secret Garden Opening

My friend Gino made this Secret Garden Presentation for the opening.

BC, Tiki Rob and Yuri were the band and they were great.  If you're in the neighborhood, The Secret Garden is between the Horned Dorset Hotel and The Lemon Tree Hotel.

Puerto Rico

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Art Opening Secret Garden

This Saturday January 9th, the Secret Garden Art Gallery opens its doors for the season.  Art by Roberto Ortiz, Jack Kitson,  Miri Hardy.  From 12 to 6.  787-823-4758

Rincon Puerto Rico