Thursday, December 30, 2010

Surfing Puerto Rico

Surf is here, waves everywhere, including in front of Villa Orleans that seldom gets waves. If you surf, this is the time to visit. Cold fronts mean great waves, and the surf hasn't stopped in weeks.

Rincon Puerto Rico

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas from Tropical Rincon Puerto Rico

Christmas in Rincon Puerto Rico, temperatures  in the eighties, sunbathers on the beach, surfers on the  waves....I love the tropics!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Domes Beach Rincon PR

Domes Beach gets its name from the defunct nuclear power plant.  It's a great place to surf.  Years ago I was out kayaking when the waves were around 20ft at Domes.  I was far enough so that I wouldn't get caught in the wave, but close enough, so when a wave passed underneath me, I'd get pushed up, and I could see everything around me as though I was hill top, and after the wave passed I was surrounded by a wall of water.

domes beach
Domes Beach Rincon PR
When surf is up you'll find dozens of spectators on the beach and dozens of surfers in the water.
Check these two old surf videos from a few years ago.

Surfing Rincon PR

Surfing Rincon Puerto Rico

Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront Villa

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Steps Beach Rincon PR

Steps Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Rincon.  It's home to The Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, created in 2004 to protect this area. The snorkeling here is wonderful.  Plenty of reefs to explore.   Bring your snorkel gear and sun screen.  You can spend hours here.  I've seen all types of fish you see in PBS documentaries. 
It's also home to Tres Palmas, where waves of 30 ft have put surfers to the test.  A couple of years back, there were hundreds of folks lined along Pr 413 watching waves at Tres Palmas.  With only a handful of surfers with the guts to try those waves. 

tres palmas marine reserve
Tres Palmas Marine Reserve

Check out my side show of pictures we took while snorkeling Steps.

Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront Villa

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vegetarian Food in Rincon PR

rincon pr happy burger
Having veggie tacos @ Happy Burger @ PR 413

I enjoy eatting out in different restaurants, but there's always someone in my party that is  vegetarian and this limits where to visit.  Rincon doesn't have an exclusive vegetarian restaurant, but many restaurants do offer vegetarian meals.
Recently I asked The Rincon Tourist Association for information on their members offering vegetarian plates.
Restaurants with Vegetarian items:
 Banana Dang (in Puntas) has a limited food menu but their bagels and paninis are vegetarian.
Club Nativo -  Veggie burgers
El Fogon la Curva - (on Pr 115, next to Pr 429)   "All of our homemade sides have no meat, pizza, jumbo plantains, pizza plantains, italian bread, all our homemade fries (yuca, batatas y papas), fish croquests, lion fish, fisherman platter, our fillets of which come with two sides. We also have sushi with veggie rolls & all different fresh fish we catch on our boat!"
 English Rose……."We have a few vegetarian options...not vegan though...all contain eggs! --Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter $8.00--*Dead Elvis, French toast served with caramelized bananas,  cinnamon syrup.  $7.50;-- *Omelet “Mediterranean” With red peppers, olives and aged cheddar served with toast $7.50---       House Eggs “Rancheros”, Crunchy corn tortillas served  with scrambled eggs,      manchego cheese and tomato chili  sauce W/ black bean salsa & sour cream. $8.50
          --*Eggs Ruby Murry, Freshly baked croissant with sautéed   baby spinach, poached eggs & mild curry hollandaise. $8.50"
Happy Burger (Pr 413 Puntas) "We have Veggie burgers and Veggie tacos."
LPR @ Lazy Parrot (Pr 413 Puntas)--"The pasta is offered vegetarian on your menu & for those who only want vegetables, the chefs make a vegetable platter du jour on the daily specials, as it changes with what is available."
Rum Shack @ Lazy Parrot (in Puntas)- The burritto is offered vegetarian and there are multiple salad, pizza, etc options as well.
Pool Bar - (in Puntas) "We have veggie maki hand rolls, veggie tempura rolls, large organic salads, miso soup, wakame, edamame, grilled tofu and mushroom yakatori."
 Shipwreck -(at Marina) "We have 4 entree size salads, jalapeño  poppers home made; pasta primavera and veggie stuffed mofongo upon request; cheese filled ravioli with a vodka sauce and spinach. We are willing to modify most menu items upon request to accommodate the client. We have a wide variety of fish and seafood items on the menu as well."

Rincon Cafe (front of Post Office) Bean tacos, burritos, vegetarian tacos con tofu,  made to order.
Tamboo Seaside Grill & Bar (in Puntas) "We have a vegetarian sandwich or wrap with black bean hummus, grilled eggplant, romaine lettuce, tomato and italian vinaigrette served with fries or plantains, eggplant and mozzarella timbal, pasta with seasonal veggies, rice and beans and salads. Also our famous tamboo baskets stuffed with homemade salmon mousse, fish sandwich or wrap or grilled served with fries, plantains or rice and beans."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Surfing Villa Orleans Rincon PR

We rarely get waves at Villa Orleans and today we had a nice set of waves.   It's been some time since I've seen waves like these.  Last week the ocean was clear like glass.  This week it's like chocolate milk.  The guys surfing are videographer who worked the Rip Curl Pro surfing competition.  This is what surf videographers do when they're not working.

Rincon Puerto Rico

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Corcega Beach Puerto Rico

After Barrero Beach, comes Corcega Beach.  There are a number of great Rincon beachfront vacation rentals along this beach.  It's a long beach,  great for jogging and long walks.  There's a  landmark, a cement boat atop a small rock cliff, called Barco de Milan.

rincon pr

About 50 yards from shore is a wonderful diving reef, where I've seen an anchor as tall as I am.  This area is where a cannon has also been pulled from the water, now on display at a Mayaguez dive shop.
Years ago, when I used to chase whales in my kayak I saw a breaching Humpback, a few hundred yard from this point.    He jumped out, and twisted his body, landing on his back.  It happened so fast, I couldn't  react fast enough to take its picture, but the image is still burned into my retinas and memory.

Rincon PR 

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beachfront Vacation Home

Villa Orleans is a Puerto Rico Beachfront home for families or friends on vacation. It has everything you need for a home away from home, so you can either hang out at the villa or explore the many things to do in Rincon Puerto Rico. Fish, sail, horseback ride, dive, snorkel, surf, or just hang out on the beach.

Rincon Puerto Rico Beachfront

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Barrero Beach Puerto Rico

Rincon Puerto Rico Beaches

Miles of beaches line Rincon.  When you visit Rincon, you visit because of the beaches.  Each beach has a name, because each beach has its character, shaped by reefs, tides and where its situated on the island.  I've hiked Rincon Beaches last year.
This year I'ved filmed  the beaches in Rincon and I'll share what I've learned.  Beaches are named by its most popular characteristic.  Barrero is the name of this section of Rincon where Villa Orleans is situated.

puerto rico beachfront villa 

This is a wonderful swimming beach, as it faces south, and it's protected by reefs keeping the tide currents away.  This is a great beach for privacy, as it's difficult to walk through.  The nearest public entrance is about a quarter mile away.  At times the ocean pinches the sea wall making walking to this beach difficult.
About a hundred yards away is The Horned Dorset Primavera, where movie stars and famous politicians hide.   They have a nice stretch of beach for walking or jogging.
There is area is great to explore with huge rocks and nice reefs along the shore.   The best time to pick up sea glass and sea shells is after waves have shaken up the sand, then sea glass and shells are exposed and waiting for you.

This road runs along the top of a wall that was once where the train ran its route.  The French built this  wall for the Spanish in 1890's.  In the fifties, the train went out of business and sold its properties.  Many think this train company belonged to the government, but it was a private enterprise.  Part of this train route travels through Villa Orleans as well.
Rincon PR

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Limpy our Beach dog

Limpy Beach dog
This is our dog Limpy.  She passed away.  She was important to Villa Orleans, as she was one of our guard dogs.  She knew who didn't belong on the property, yet was loving and affectionate with guests.
Limpy came to us through a friend, Felicia Miller,  who adopted her off the beach.  She could not keep Limpy in her apartment, so she fed her on the beach.  When Felicia returned to the states, she asked if we could take care of Limpy.
Limpy became Luke's best friend.  They roamed the beach and were always together.  Our neighbors even complained he saw them knocking down garbage cans together.

luke and limpy

When Limpy stopped eatting, so did Luke.  It was as though he knew.  I kept Limpy in my home in Mayaguez and took her daily to Rincon.  Luke knew she was dying.  He stayed near her. 

luke and limpy
I remember, when there are no guests,  I make surprise visits at night, I'd catch Luke and Limpy playing on the beach or swimming in the water.

limpy swimming
Limpy loved swimming.  She often swim at pelicans and chase them around.  She's the only dog I know who can swim and bark at the same time.
 She enjoyed our yoga retreats and could actually stretch.

limpy doing yoga

Limpy is a part of our family.  And she will be missed.

luke and fluffy

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rincon PR Cottage

rincon puerto rico cottage

This is The Casita, our third home at the Villa Orleans compound.  It's a Rincon cottage. One bedroom. Perfect for two.  So if you're coming down with a groups and you need a extra privacy, you close to your friends, yet a little farther away.
rincon pr cottage
$125 per night. 5 night minimum.  -787-433-6013-

Rincon Puerto Rico
Rincon PR

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hurricane Earl in Rincon Puerto Rico

Hurricane Earl just passed through Rincon Puerto Rico and left us little rain but plenty of leaves. This is what it looked like the morning as it passed. San Juan had more rain and wind since it's on the eastern side of the island.

But the water usually looks like this:

Rincon, Puerto Rico

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Things to do Puerto Rico

If you're in Rincon Puerto Rico this summer there is an event you must place on your things to do list: Surfrider Dinner Auction 
Held on June 20th silent art auction for International Surfing Day 2010 in the Grand Caribbean Ballroom at Rincon of the Seas  beginning at 6 pm.
This event is being organized by the local chapter of Surfrider Foundation with hopes to raise enough money to expand their community based water quality monitoring program, enhance local beaches through our beach restoration program, and offer educational opportunities for local schools. 
This year Surfrider volunteers cleaned beaches, repaired parking lot areas at the beach and installed garbage cans in popular beach areas.
Tickets are $10 and food is being provided by Barefoot Wine.

Lets support Surfrider, please pass this along. And check out their blog for art being sold.

Rincon Puerto Rico

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Puerto Rico Earthquake

1:15 am.  I was sleeping.
1:16 am.  I woke up.  My bed was trembling.  I heard a train rumbling, my two story cement house was trembling, the windows trembled,  the night table trembled, I shook my wife:
"I'm awake"
  Trembling happens all the time, but this one wouldn't stop.  I was still feeling brain fog, my brain not yet awake, but aware of everything in my home trembling.  The roar of the train was underneath.  I was not afraid yet.
Then it stopped.
I live in the mountains, and I hear things from afar.  Car alarms in the valley below, and in my neighborhood were screaming.  Dogs barking.  I have 5 dogs. One lives inside, the other outside and they were quiet.
I ran downstairs to my computer to find the local  seismic web site.   Their office is just a few miles away.  They was nothing on the web.
I received a call from my son, who lives with his mother on the other side of the island:
"Did you feel that?!"
I checked my twitter account.  Sumares Twittered "WTF earthquake?"
I kept refreshing the seismic web site and the earthquake finally registered:
From Earth Quake
5.8 north of Isabela.  There was a flurry of Facebook and Twitter posts mentioning the earth quake.   Posts from all over the island.  I posted the link to my Facebook page.  I received responses from my friends in the states.
My wife turned on the television.  There was no mention of the earth quake but, atop the screen Facebook posts were flashing across like a ticker tape.  There were too many to read, but they gave you a sense of panic.
Our villa is on the coast of Rincon.  I called my brother.  He lives in a wooden house and he was in a panic.  He said the house felt as though it was on a truck and wobbled side to side.
I found information on the seismic site saying no tsunami was expected.  The area where the earth quake occured in in the Puerto Rican trench, one of the deepest areas in  the Atlantic.
I refreshed the seismic website and I found this:
From Earth Quake
The earth quake did not happen in the trench, but in Moca, just a few miles north of Mayaguez and east of Rincon.
I posted this information in Facebook, and I noticed my friend's postings.  Postings first started
 out tinted with fear.  But now many were joking:
Christian M. Frank Fas "Wow, my sub woofer is really powerful!" "I'm going to do something relaxing before I go to bed, I'm either going to watch the Exorcist or Fire in the Sky, while I get sleepy."
Someone posted Mr.Whiffle with  Charmin toilet paper in his hands and commented  "Earth quake tools."
It's almost 8 am now.  I returned to the seismic web site and discovered there was a smaller tremblor 3.2  within the same area of the big one.  I read an article some time ago saying Puerto Rico trembles continually, sometimes up toward 300 times a month.  This is good, as it relieves pressure from the Teutonic plates beneath us. 
The Hatian Earth quake  is recent and they haven't recovered.   They're a worst case scenario if something as powerful hits.  I will keep my fingers crossed.

US Seismic NetWork

Rincon Puerto Rico

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Porta del Sol Food Festival

This summer there's a food festival being held on the new beachfront facilities in Mayaguez Puerto Rico Parque Litoral.  These facilities were built for the Mayaguez 2010 Games, and their first official use is for the Festival Porta del Sol.
This festival food will be provided for by 25 restaurants from the 17 municipalities that comprise Porta del Sol.  Traditional food will be made with new food trends.    It's an all you can eat and drink for $65.
Time: Saturday, June 26, 2010 at 4:00pm - 12:00am
Ticket information: Mia Bistro Mayaguez PR  787-831-6100

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emergency Animal Clinic

My dog Fluffy hasn't been feeling well.  I took him to our local vet this past week.   But Fluffy didn't get better.  Sunday morning he began yipping.  Where do you take a dog for emergency treatment on the western side of Puerto Rico?
I began calling a list of numbers of all the local vets, and I reached answer machine after answer machine.  Finally I called Villa Michelle, our local animal shelter and they directed me to a hospital in Cabo Rojo: The Animal Medical Hospital.
At 9 am I reached a person who scheduled an appointment at 12 pm.
This animal hospital has 5 vets who provide emergency services. Their emergency is $45, and they attended Fluffy quickly.  X-rays, pills, injections and an examination cost me $100.
Their emergency number is: 787-583-0008  Their website is in Spanish, but their staff is bilingual.
I recommend them highly.  And Fluffy?  He's almost back to normal.
The hospital is in Cabo Rojo and is easy to get to.  It's right past Mayaguez Mall.    Take Rout 100 to Cabo Rojo.  It's on your left side, keep your eyes open, its  right before Toro Mortorcycle.
Watch Fluffy's Christmas Special!

Rincon Puerto Rico

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sears Refrigerators in Puerto Rico

From Puerto Rico Fridge

We like Sears and have always bought their products. We especially like their guarantee, but this times we made a mistake. We bought this "vinyl" coated fridge because we thought this coating would protect it from the salt. Living on the beach we get salty air. But this is not a vinyl coating. It is a type of paint that cannot withstand salt. I bought the extended guarantee, but Sears does not cover rust damage. This fridge is about a year old.
I was complaining to the gentleman who removed a swarm of bees, and he told me his son repainted refrigerators. I went to see him, and he told me he gets many refrigerators needing painting repairs. His specialty is cars, but he does fridges on the side. He charged us $160 for this paint job. He used European sports car paint. It looks really cool now, I only wished I would have chosen another color.

Rincon Puerto Rico Villa Orleans

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rincon Puerto Rico Film Festival

Rincon Film Festival
April 20-24, 2010 - Rincón - Puerto Rico
Rincon International Film Festival in its third year  showcasing films from around the world, with several  US and World premieres.  Promoting Film and the Arts in Puerto Rico.

Film Festival

Tuesday April 20 @ 5:30 pm - Dinner
@ Lazy Parrot           Films at dusk then After Party
Cost: $37:45
Showing around 10 short films


Wednesday April 21st Films
Daily Screenings10:00 am - 5:00 pm
@ Villa Cofresi
Cost $10.70
Showing 13 films
(Includes a special Sundance Film Festival 2010 Block of films)
Fright Night Dinner / Films
Wednesday April 21st 5:30 pm - Dinner
@ Shipwreck Bar & Grill    Films at dusk then After Party
Cost $37.45  (A series of suspenseful and frightening short films)

Thursday  Films April 22nd
Daytime Screenings 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
@ Villa Cofresi
Cost $10.70
(Includes a special Sundance Film Festival 2010 Block of films)

Family Night Dinner / Films
 Thursday  Films April 22nd  5:30 pm - Dinner
@ Rincon Beach Resort 
 Cost $42.80
  Films at dusk then After Party
(A collection of short family friendly films)

Friday April 23rd Films
  Daytime Screenings 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
@ Villa Cofresi
 Cost $10.70
(Puerto Rican Film Screenings)

 Documentary Night- Dinner / Films
  Friday April 23rd        5:30 pm - Tapas
@ Casa Islena    
Cost $26.75
           Films at dusk then After Party
(A wonderful film about the soldiers heading for Iraq)


Closing Awards Night Dinner / Films
  Saturday April 24    5:30 pm - Dinner
@ Lazy Parrot    
Cost $37.45           Films at dusk then After Party
(Including an animated film nominated for an Academy Award)

Visit the website for more information Rincon Film Festival

Friday, March 5, 2010

Aguadilla Farmers Market


Local farmer's market have been popping and there is one in Aguadilla that deserves particular attention: La Tierra Prometida Farmer's Market.  La Tierra Promedita  is a non-profit home helping young men with drug problems.  They teach their residence life skills by providing guidance and opportunities.   This is a community market and folks from all over can pull out a table and sell their products.  I wrote about the Rincon's Farmer's Market some time ago, and vendors from Rincon also participate.
community vendors

At this residence, twice a month, the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month they celebrate their Farmer's Market, just like in Rincon, the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month.
La Tierra Prometida bakes home made artisan breads and provides fresh vegetables.  How fresh are the vegetables?
fresh vegetables

They're grown hydroponically, just a few feet from the market and they're harvested just a few hours before the market starts, at about 9 am.   How fresh is the bread?  Mine was warm to the touch.  And truth be told: it is very good.  We bought 3 loaves and one of them didn't make it home.  The loaf we devoured was a whole wheat loaf with different varieties of seeds. 

I know of two mentors sharing their time, Chef Andy Klein from One Ten Thai, and Chef Eilleen Gonzalez, from Laissez Faire, two excellent restaurants with rave reviews on TripAdvisor.
The green house:

The Saturday Farmers Market:

How to get to La Tierra Prometida:

Take #2 to pr107.  That's the road taking you to the airport in Aguadilla.  Look for the El Messon Fast food restaurant, and turn in to the road that runs along side.  Continue and take a right at the stop sign.
Look for La Tierra Prometida of the left side.  Their number is (787) 882-3845, tell them Luis sent you.  Check their website:

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rincon Shipwreck

treasure map

In 1986, Richard Fitzgerald, while taking a group of people fishing, had problems with his engine.  As he looked over the engine, he noticed rows of algae on the bottom of the ocean floor.  He put on a mask, to explore: algae does not grow in rows.  What Richard discovered were canons.  What Richard discovered was a shipwreck, in Rincon, Puerto Rico.
Historical treasure was discovered.  Amidst this treasure was a small round artifact used to navigate: an astrolabe.  Many persons became involved sifting through the wreck.  An argument ensued over the future of the Rincon Astrolabe.
There are too many details that can only be covered in a book already written.  Well, not really a book, but a masters thesis by Gustavo Adolfo Garcia Ortiz submitted at the Texas A&M University.
This summer Texas A&M University, lead by Dr. Luis F. Vieira de Castro will lay down the foundation to begin the excavation of the Rincon Shipwreck.  Dr. Vieira de Castro is only interested in the historical information this shipwreck will reveal.  No doubt, there will be plenty of artifacts and possibly treasure discovered.
Today, the Rincon Astrolabe is hidden in some part of the Institute of culture as well as over a thousand other items already recovered from this shipwreck.  There is a group that have already incorporated a non-profit organization to create The Rincon Maritime Museum or rather Museo Arqueologico de Rincon .  They want to keep the future artifacts in Rincon, as well as the return of the artifacts in San Juan.  This museum can be a great tourist attraction for Rincon.  We need to spread the word and rally support: Let's support the creation of this museum.  

Read about The information Texas A&M has.
Read details about the Rincon Astrolobe

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bomba Plena Festival Mayaguez

mayaguez pr
This Sunday February 28,  in Mayaguez the 15th Bomba and Plena Festival will rock and roll at Boulevard de Mayagüez, right next to the Municipal parking lot.  Festivities start at 10 am.  There will be food, arts crafts and Bomba/Plena music.  The Mayaguez School of Bomba and Plena will perform at 12 pm
 This is a fabulous activity, don't miss it!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One Ten Thai Aguadilla Puerto Rico

aguadilla restaurant
During dinner at Mia Bistro, the person introducing the small brewery beers identified himself as Chef Andrew Klein, owner of a small restaurant in Aguadilla.  He mentioned his restaurant served beer from a small brewery in San Juan.
I didn't know there was another brewery in Puerto Rico.   There is a brewery in Mayaguez, but it has a mass market flavor I don't care for.  This San Juan brewery produces about 6 types of beer, and only one place in the west serves it: One Ten Thai.
I like good food, and I like good beer, and just like Mia Bistro, it's a rare find on the western side of the island when you can find both in the same restaurant.
One Ten Thai is a small restaurant, a very small restaurant and if you show up late, there is the chance you won't find a seat.  We were lucky to arrive early, right before 6, and a couple had just left and allowed us a table.   Couples and families kept approaching the counter and were being placed on a waiting list. 
After I tried the food I understood why.  The food in One Ten Thai is wonderful.  They don't advertise.  Word of mouth has built up their business.
They started their restaurant out of their kitchen, selling food to friends on weekends.  Chef Andrew Klein, said it snowballed from there.

For appetizers we tried the Summer rolls, veggies and cabbage wrapped in rice paper and the ribs, which were grilled with a peanut sauce, which the only word I can find to describe their wonderful flavor is orgasmic.

   I commented to the waitress that everything tastes fresh.  She told me they grow many of their vegetables next door and they buy their veggies from a farm near by.

vegetarian meal 

My son and I are carnivorous, we each had variations of the same dish: a stir-fry with cashews.  I chose the variation with mahi-mahi.  My son chose the pork variety.


I tried two types of beer, Taina a seasonal wheat beer, and Santo Viejo, a type of Pilsner. 
One Ten Thai sells over 20 types of beer, by far the largest selection of small brewery beer on the western side of the island.   This week they're getting beer from Spain.
How to get to One Ten Thai: It's located on route 110, right outside gate 5 by the airport in Aguadilla.  When you leave the airport, look for it on your left side.  If you get lost, call them:   787.890.0113
My family has lobbied to return, so we'll go back this week.  When you go, go early.  And if there're waves, go even earlier.
One bright note: One Ten Thai is expanding their restaurant.  They'll open the second part in a few weeks.   Check out their online menu on their website: One Ten Thai.
They're open Wed - Sun:
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mayaguez 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games Schedule

mayaguez 2010 games schedule

    Rincon has BMX and Mountain Bike.  This schedule seems incomplete because the Triathlon will be held the 24th and 25th in Rincon and I don't see it.
mayaguez 2010 games schedule

  Click on pictures for larger view
mayaguez 2010 games schedule

The Mayaguez 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games are coming and I haven't seen anyone post a schedule. But the schedule was hidden in the Mayaguez 2010 Games website.  The blue squares are the ones being held in Mayaguez area.
I was at a meeting recently and it was estimated there could be close to 90,000 persons per day in the Mayaguez area--ouch!  Already there are bad traffic jams with our daily traffic.  Even if 50,000 persons visit daily, traffic will still be terrible.  So if you're coming to the games, it best to start thinking about planning your trip.

View the beachfront Mayaguez 2010 Facilities.
Download Mayaguez Games Schedule.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saints Win Super Bowl


This is a tourist blog, and I  have never written about sports, but I cannot contain my excitement that the Saints won the Super Bowl.  I am from New Orleans and it's one of the reasons we call our vacation rental Villa Orleans.  I moved down from New Orleans back in 1990, but my brother moved because he lost his business and clientele from Hurricane Katrina.
I remember going to Saint's games when I was eight at Tulane Stadium.   I remember when the Saints were so bad, we wore paper bags over our heads because we were too ashamed to let others know we were Saints fans.  I watched games Saints games in Puerto Rico.  This season I watched most of their games.  For the Saints to win the Super Bowl has been a dream for many New Orleanians.  I know there are many Saints fans spread all over the country, because of Katrina.
I know that there is a celebration like Mardi Gas going on in the French Quarter now.  I know that this celebration will go on until tomorrow night.   I know that tomorrow New Orleans will not stop celebrating this win.   Go Saints!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mayaguez Puerto Rico Plaza Colon

There was much music on this night. The first lady dancing is 87 years old, and she didn't stop until the music did. This was the last number of the night. Mayaguez is having regular activities at the plaza. They're great family activities.
The school for Bomba and Plena of Mayaguez provided the singing, music and dancing.
They are listed in FaceBook

Mia Bistro, a small restaurant off the plaza set up a kitchen and you could buy and sample their wonderful food. Dark beer (my favorite beverage) was also sold. There were many flavors to try.  I sampled two beers from  small breweries, one from California, and the other from Minnesota.
The next activity is Thursday January 28.
  Participating restaurants:
-Friend's Café
- Ambrosía
- Bonsai Restaurant
- Brasas Restaurant (Rincón Beach Resort)
- Laissez Faire
- Chapas Lounge
- Hypa Hypa Lounge
Music by:
- Sebastián Paz
- Colaboración Jibá
- BosaTrova (Ricky Santiago y Albert Graulau)
This activity is weather permitting.  The last one was rained out.

Mayaguez 2010
Puerto Rico Villas

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mayaguez 2010 Plaza Colon Bomba Dance

Plaza Colon in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico is having wonderful events.  On this night, National Yoga Day was being celebrated.  Earlier there was a karate exhibition, and then a yoga exhibition, but the Bomba and Plena brought the plaza to life.

Bomba is a style of music and dance imported from West Africa during the time of slavery.   These days Bomba is used to celebrate the culture.   The African rhythm is intoxicating.  It was hard keeping my camera still, when the music was hypnotizing me to tap my foot, bob my head and  dance.
The singer is Jamie Perez, a member of the Yagüembé  folklore group from Mayagüez.  She is also director of the group Bomba Urbana and she teaches bomba and dance through the School of Bomba in Mayaguez ( Escuela de Bomba Municipal de Mayaguez).
Also participating were other members from Bomba Urbana, Taller de la Isla, and Colaboración Jibá.
Visit them in FaceBook 

Mayaguez 2010 Mayaguez Puerto Rico

Friday, January 22, 2010

Puerto Rico Mountain Roads

A great day trip is a visit to the mountains. 

Jayuya is in the middle of the island. My sister-in-law owns a small coffee farm.  It's on the side of the mountain.  The road getting there is so narrow, only one car fits at a time.  The road hugs the mountain and twists back and forth, up and around.     Driving up at a crawling  pace, you get the heebeegeebees and your ears pop. 
Farmers must have goat genes, because much is planted on the side of the mountain.   Very little space is flat.  A ball would roll  if you set it on the ground.   You need strong legs and grip to move around here.  
The ground is fertile, very much like Mississippi red clay.   Coffee, bananas and oranges grow in abundance.  The mountain area is cooler and rainier than the coast line.  This is a swell place to visit, but living here would be difficult with rain storms or just driving at night.  The higher up the mountain, the fewer the people.  My sister-in-law is almost the last person on the road.  Someone else lives farther up.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old San Juan Pigeon Park

We took a day trip to Old San Juan.  It took us only 2 hours because we left Rincon around 4 am, and at that time there's little traffic in the streets.  The pigeon park was empty and as we strolled around, pigeons started flying out the walls.  It was as though, our presence meant breakfast. 

Mayaguez 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Caribbean Games Mayaguez 2010

First look at some of the facilities for the Mayaguez 2010 Games.  This was filmed from Calle McKinley to Isidoro García Baseball Stadium.  Google Maps don't show the progress from their aerial view.  The beachfront facilities are very nice.  They are a series of small parks, where you can hang out, between events at the stadiums.
The Isidoro García Baseball Stadium will be used for baseball and the new Central American Stadium will be used for soccer and track and field events.

Puerto Rico

Friday, January 15, 2010

TripAdvisor Review Villa Orleans

A TripAdvisor Review from a visitor from Paris, France. We get few European visitors.  Temperature in Paris is 3 °C or rather 40 °F.  That's too cold for me.

 Rincon Puerto Rico

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Secret Garden Opening

My friend Gino made this Secret Garden Presentation for the opening.

BC, Tiki Rob and Yuri were the band and they were great.  If you're in the neighborhood, The Secret Garden is between the Horned Dorset Hotel and The Lemon Tree Hotel.

Puerto Rico

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Art Opening Secret Garden

This Saturday January 9th, the Secret Garden Art Gallery opens its doors for the season.  Art by Roberto Ortiz, Jack Kitson,  Miri Hardy.  From 12 to 6.  787-823-4758

Rincon Puerto Rico