Monday, November 30, 2009

Coqui of Rincon Puerto Rico

If you're vacationing in Rincon Puerto Rico and you need to find out what is going on in town or to find out things to do,  then you need to pick up El Coqui of Rincon.  It's a small bilingual newspaper sponsored by local businesses.

El Coqui 
Photograph courtesy of El Coqui and Brenda Gonzalez 

The town of Rincon has its cycle.  During the early fall many business close for their vacation.  As November arrives they start reopening.  There's always an occasional business that doesn't, and there's always a new business starting.  Rincon comes to life with winter's visitors and there's always a myriad of activities.

You can do your Rincon research by reading the Coqui. It has a few articles and many listings: restaurants, hotels, Bed 'Breakfasts, Inns, vacation rentals, beach properties for sale, yoga teachers, massage therapist, surf board rentals or surf instructors, in essence, all the businesses or services you'd need for a perfect tropical vacation.

About 5,000 issues are published, but you don't need a hard copy.  You can download it off the net.  The Coqui website has a pdf version and an event's section listing  monthly activities.
The December Coqui is a special edition:  It's in full color and about weddings.  Everything you need for a perfect wedding is listed: locations, wedding planners, photographers, and stories from couples married in Rincon.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Caribbean Surf Vacation

This is the second part of Surfing Maria's Beach.  In Rincon there are plenty of things to do.  Surfing is just one of them.  Surfing used to be a boy's activity, but on this day there were plenty of ladies on the waves. 

Rincon is the Surf Capitol of the Caribbean.

Marias Beach Rincon PR

We are learning how to use our new Panasonic GH1.  At times the footage is amazing.  Sometimes it's just ok.
Everytime I shoot with this camera I learn something.  I don't like reading manuals or reading instructions, I enjoy shooting and learning on the go.

This was a day when the surf was good, with a little wind.  At times surfers caught long rides.   It wasn't too crowded.  This used to be a guy sport, but I was surprised to see many ladies on the boards.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puerto Rico Villa Orleans: New Photographs

Taking good pictures is difficult.  We've recently modified the inside of Villa Orleans after adding our swimming pool.
Caribbean Kitchen
A beach house is continual work.  The salt from the ocean gets into everything.
Rincon PRliving room
A small screw or nail will rust and stain whatever its attached to.  Every year we replace televisions, microwaves, and screens.  Just last year we had our refrigerator painted, but rust came through the edges.
hotel rooms
Things you wouldn't imagine rusting, rust.  Our stainless steal Home Depot gas grill rusted.
We strive using things that don't rust and keeping everything simple.
beach resorts
We strive using wood, bamboo, WD40 and plenty of elbow grease to keep everything looking good.  Nina took these photographs and I love them.
Caribbean beach balcony

In February and March, occasional whales migrate through this area.

Beach Balcony
Our next project is making this beach balcony more attractive.  It's a great space early morning and night, but during the day it is hot.   Any suggestions?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Rain Rincon PR

I love rain. It brings me peace and tranquility. At times rain in Puerto Rico falls torrentially, in large drops. Everyone hides in their home and few bother watching.
I continually hear parents tell kids  "Don't get wet, you'll catch a cold..."
But then how then are they going to learn to enjoy rain?
In Puerto Rico there are magical moments, like when rain clouds cross the Anasco Bay heading toward the Sun in the west. The waters turn a crystal neon turquoise between the rain and the Sun.
I wish I could count the droplets as they splatter, or slow down their sound as they pound and patter. They're hypnotic.
After a while, rain from the mountain turns our lazy creek into white frothing brown river, and tints the ocean a chocolate brown. It doesn't show here with this camera.  It looks grayish. 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Puerto Rico Brown Pelicans

"Interior Department officials Wednesday announced that they were taking the prehistoric-looking bird off the endangered species list..."

These pelicans live along the west coast of Puerto Rico and I'm sorry to hear they've been taken off the endangered list.  In the years I've lived here I've seen a few dozen trees, homes to these pelicans, cut down.  I remember when there were more than a hundred up and down this coast.  I once counted 122 pelicans floating in front of the villa.  Now if I see a dozen in a day I see a lot.  
I'm learning how to use a new camera called the Lumix GH1.  This was my first video.  I'm also learning Final Cut Express so I can share what I see. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Surfing Domes Beach

Surf on November 10th. It was pretty windy. Only 3 surfers at Domes. This footage was shot on a Lumix GH1.

We're in an El Niño year and a few surfers had mentioned surf will be great this season.
Rincon PR