Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rincon Surfing Monument

Surfer Monument
I was in town yesterday and I noticed this statue.  It says on the bronze plaque:
"Welcome to Rincon, Capitol of Surfing."
Surfing brings life to Rincon.  Surfers are a myriad of persons from high schoolers to doctors, from teenage girls to middle aged women. We had a surfing reunion from a group of guys who'd surfed Rincon in the sixties.  The youngest in the group was 65.  Most were retired with grandchildren.  They hit the waves and partied like they were in college.  My neighbors complained about the men singing in the water at 3 o'clock in the morning.
Surfing brings brings life to the restaurants, hotels and bars.  In season I've had to wait for open tables in my favorite restaurants.  I like listening to music in clubs and having an occasional sunset beer at a beach bar.  I like the feel of new life in Rincon.  I don't mind waiting.  It gives you an opportunity to chat and I've met folks from all over the states.
This statue recognizes the importance of surfers for this community.  We've got to protect the beaches so future surfers return. 

  There's a Surfrider Fundraiser Friday,  December 4, 7pm @ Rum Shack in The Lazy Parrot.

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Shan said...

So awesome! I love the statue!