Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rincon Puerto Rico on CNN

rincon puerto rico CNN
I write occasional articles and post videos on CNN iReporter.  This week they contacted me and asked permission to use my video for cable broadcasting.  It was a video I shot, and my son edited music into it.  This is the link: Rincon PR Surf Capital of the Caribbean

Rincon PR CNN Video

I've been shooting with a Lumix GH1, a fine camera that shoots in full high definition.  It has been a month now, and the more I shoot the more I learn how to use it.  The surfers I shot were about 100 to 150 yards away, yet this camera was able to get a good sense of them.
When I thought  about why they liked this video, I can see it tells a 40 second story.  Opening shots of waves, panning left to a group just entering the water.  These are surfing students from a local surf school.  The music underneath the video creates tension.  Everyone is focused on the waves, then I shot surfers riding waves.  Every time I see this I feel it's too short and it leaves me wanting more.  I follow my intuition so I'm going to combine the second part and add a third for a longer  clip.  I shot about two hours.
I've added the video below.  Check out my Youtube Channel: Puerto Rico Villa Orleans and subscribe.  I have about 45 videos up, and I'm working on editing a project on Mayaguez 2010.

Surfing Capital of the Caribbean

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