Monday, December 14, 2009

Rincon PR Farmers Market

Rincon has its own organic farmer's market every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month.  They offer all sorts of goodies and each time I go I spend too much.  I picked up Christmas gifts for my wife and her sisters: home made soaps with awesome aromas and a few great tasting jellies.  I found turmeric rhizomes- wow.  Turmeric has all sorts of great properties, one of which is anti-inflammatory.  I take the pill form, but fresh is always better.  I bought a bunch so I planted it in my yards.
I tried a veggie yucca lasagna and drank a juice made from toasted sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.
It bothered me that when I returned for a second piece of  yucca lasagna it was all gone.
This past summer I picked up exotic ginger plants whose flowers looked like wax sculptures.
December 20th is the last Sunday before Christmas.  If you haven't gotton all your presents it's your excuse to visit the market.  After 9:30 is good, because you want to arrive just after they've set up.  By early afternoon almost everything is gone.


shart said...

Please tell us where the farmer's market is set up. Would like to visit this January. Been to Rincon before but never knew about it. Thanks!

Villa Orleans said...

The Farmer's Market is in the Plaza of Rincon.

whitney said...

do they ever have more than one if there are five sundays in a month? I'm hoping they might have one on 1/30/11!