Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mayaguez 2010 Plaza Colon

Plaza Colon

Recently we visited Plaza Colon in the center of Mayaguez City.  There was an activity called:
HECHO EN PUERTO RICO: BEMBÉ CULINARIO Y COLAITO MUSICAL or rather Made in Puerto Rico, Culinary Dance and  the last phrase has no English translation because they're playing with words, but it means something like:  freshly brewed coffee musically or freshly brewed musically coffee.

stage at Plaza colon

The activity reminded me of plazas in Europe:  music and food under a perfect peaceful night; coffee conversations, a mellow crowd,  families strolling through the music, watching children playing.  This could have been any plaza in Spain, but it wasn't.  It was Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  Rarely have I spent a night like this in the past 20 years in Puerto Rico. 

 magical night
Several restaurants offered samples of food and wine, but it was the music of Mijo de la Palma which made the night magical.
Mijo stage
They started late, but their music drifted like a the aroma of light floating through the night's breeze:
hypnotic and  peaceful.  It was a night I thought about for many days. 
 Mayaguez 2010

   January 7, 2010 they'll return to Plaza Colon.  7 pm.  Come see for yourself.

"MIJO en Directo" has 7 songs and is available for a $25 money order to:
Melvin Lopez (composer, guitarist and singer) P.O. Box 272, Rincón,
Puerto Rico, 00677.
Note: Mijo has offered to do a free concert in Rincon's Plaza either January 2, 3rd or the 9th.
Rincon's Tourist office is closed, is there anyone reading that can help facilitate communication with Rincon's Tourist office?

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