Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Burgers

 Rincon is called the Surfing Capitol of the Caribbean.  In the winter, during the day, the beaches surrounding Rincon come alive with waves.  I've seen them up to 30 ft.
Night, comes alive with the beach bar/music clubs.  There's a small place to eat, on Road 413, up in Puntas, PR.  It's called Happy Burger.

 Happy Burgers is one of those places you'll never see written about in travel magazines.  It's one of those places all the locals eat at.  It's not a fancy place.  It's almost on the road.  It's next to Brisas Bar.
But the food is delicious.  I'm not a food critic.  I like good food, and for the longest time my brother and other folks have been talking about the food at Happy Burger.  Their signature dish is a taco.  A taco?  A very good taco.  They cost $2.00 at taco happy hour, and $2.50 after that.   You can have either a corn or flour tortilla, with either beef or chicken.  I opted for the corn tortilla with with chicken.  What makes this dish special is that this taco has a thin layer of toasted corn meal on the outside which gives it a great flavor.  The chicken was tasty with sprinkled lettuce, tomatoes and cheddar.  It's served with a side order of sour cream.

Delicious Tacos

 I asked for hot sauce and they gave me this home made green chilli paste.  I like hot sauce that feels like an exploding fire cracker.   This paste is softer.  It's not warm when you bite into it, it's sort of sweet and tasty and then heats like music that's gradually turning up.
Trina and Sasha

I also tried their veggie burger.  It comes with a smile.  I was hoping to get their fish tacos.  Cause when folks talk about  Happy Burgers they mention their fish tacos in the same breath.  They serve a ton of other stuff, from shrimp plates, Cajun Chicken,  Chicken Wings and other varieties of sandwiches.
Their most expensive dish is $7.50.  One thing for sure, you won't break your budget, and you won't be disappointed.  They're open from 5 pm till 2 am.  You can order to go.  Call them: 530 318 5244

happy burger
It's a great late night place to eat in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

413 Puntas

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