Friday, December 4, 2009

Cheap Flights to Puerto Rico

Cheap flights to Puerto Rico

I just ran into a website that has cheap flights,  car rentals and hotels listed. searches over 600 sources to find flight prices.  It took about 5 seconds to list these round trip flight prices.  And this site seems easy to use...... What??? $260 round trip from New York to Aguadilla?  That's cheap.
I checked out flights to San Juan but they seemed more expensive.
I tried looking for rental cars, but it said there were none available, but that can't be right.  Tourism hasn't boomed yet and I know there are car rentals in Aguadilla.
I searched for hotels, and found the cheapest beachfront hotel room at $157 per night for a room.  Our villa has 5 bedrooms and averages $125 per bedroom, but has a kitchen so you save money cooking.
Rincon Villas

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