Friday, November 13, 2009

Rain Rincon PR

I love rain. It brings me peace and tranquility. At times rain in Puerto Rico falls torrentially, in large drops. Everyone hides in their home and few bother watching.
I continually hear parents tell kids  "Don't get wet, you'll catch a cold..."
But then how then are they going to learn to enjoy rain?
In Puerto Rico there are magical moments, like when rain clouds cross the Anasco Bay heading toward the Sun in the west. The waters turn a crystal neon turquoise between the rain and the Sun.
I wish I could count the droplets as they splatter, or slow down their sound as they pound and patter. They're hypnotic.
After a while, rain from the mountain turns our lazy creek into white frothing brown river, and tints the ocean a chocolate brown. It doesn't show here with this camera.  It looks grayish. 

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