Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puerto Rico Villa Orleans: New Photographs

Taking good pictures is difficult.  We've recently modified the inside of Villa Orleans after adding our swimming pool.
Caribbean Kitchen
A beach house is continual work.  The salt from the ocean gets into everything.
Rincon PRliving room
A small screw or nail will rust and stain whatever its attached to.  Every year we replace televisions, microwaves, and screens.  Just last year we had our refrigerator painted, but rust came through the edges.
hotel rooms
Things you wouldn't imagine rusting, rust.  Our stainless steal Home Depot gas grill rusted.
We strive using things that don't rust and keeping everything simple.
beach resorts
We strive using wood, bamboo, WD40 and plenty of elbow grease to keep everything looking good.  Nina took these photographs and I love them.
Caribbean beach balcony

In February and March, occasional whales migrate through this area.

Beach Balcony
Our next project is making this beach balcony more attractive.  It's a great space early morning and night, but during the day it is hot.   Any suggestions?

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