Monday, November 30, 2009

Coqui of Rincon Puerto Rico

If you're vacationing in Rincon Puerto Rico and you need to find out what is going on in town or to find out things to do,  then you need to pick up El Coqui of Rincon.  It's a small bilingual newspaper sponsored by local businesses.

El Coqui 
Photograph courtesy of El Coqui and Brenda Gonzalez 

The town of Rincon has its cycle.  During the early fall many business close for their vacation.  As November arrives they start reopening.  There's always an occasional business that doesn't, and there's always a new business starting.  Rincon comes to life with winter's visitors and there's always a myriad of activities.

You can do your Rincon research by reading the Coqui. It has a few articles and many listings: restaurants, hotels, Bed 'Breakfasts, Inns, vacation rentals, beach properties for sale, yoga teachers, massage therapist, surf board rentals or surf instructors, in essence, all the businesses or services you'd need for a perfect tropical vacation.

About 5,000 issues are published, but you don't need a hard copy.  You can download it off the net.  The Coqui website has a pdf version and an event's section listing  monthly activities.
The December Coqui is a special edition:  It's in full color and about weddings.  Everything you need for a perfect wedding is listed: locations, wedding planners, photographers, and stories from couples married in Rincon.

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internet-consultant said...

We vacationed in Rincon last summer. It was absolutely beautiful...just like the pictures or postcards.