Friday, October 16, 2009

Villa Orleans' Swimming Pool

sotheby's rincon puerto rico swimming pool
Villa Orleans now has a swimming pool!  Now we can swim/soak at night under the Caribbean stars.
It's not a very deep or very large pool, but it's a pool never the less.  When I lived at the villa I'd go swimming at night.  The water is always warmer than the air so night time swims were always pleasant--until I started fishing.  When you swim at night, there's always an occasional Jaws fantasy that slips through your thoughts, but you brush them aside.  Jaws is a fictional movie, with a fictional shark.
But I started fishing at night, and I've pulled in all sorts of moray eels, one as long as 5 ft.  And then there were times when the line of my deep sea reel and rod peeled off as though it was possessed and disappeared into the abyss.
Once I fought a fish as long as I am tall for over an hour.  I'd reel him in, he'd reel me out. The spark plug I was using for a weight was tossed back and forth whenever I'd pull him to the surface.  There are big fish here, and they stay away during the day.
But now, we don't have to worry about being devoured by Jaws or being bitten by eels.  We can soak a few feet from the Caribbean, enjoy a beer or margarita and watch the sunset and the midnight moon rise.
The pool has been a process.  We started out by visiting pool places and getting quotes.  I tried looking up pool places on the net, but no one in the pool industry in Puerto Rico has a net presence.  I found a few websites with general information.  We settled with a pool company called Pucho's Pools.  I asked the sales manager for reviews or letters of recommendations, but he had none.  He offered to take me to a few sites where he had installed pools and maybe I could speak to the owners.  It sounded like a run around where there was no one who could recommend them.  But then we ran into a friend, an electrician who had worked with them, and recommended them highly.
Jorge Cruz, the sales manager told us it would take 7 to 10 days for the process and then we were placed on a 5 week waiting list.
This is the before picture:

rincon pr
We first pulled up the deck and then removed  the rocks around the deck.  We have a ton of rocks, and hid them along the property.  It took us about two weeks to prep the area.  We removed  plants to give the pool folks room to work with.
pulling deckimagine pool here

I fantasied about swimming here.

Day 1-The pool folks arrived at 7 in the morning.  At 7:15 their first machine arrived, but the area was too narrow and they had to get another one.  Their other machine was broken, so they had to rent one.  It wasn't until 9:00 am when the second machine arrived.  By about 10:30 the hole was dug.  The swimming pool arrived by then and after prepping the area, the pool was in the ground before noon.
rincon pr

Then they began the process of packing sand around the pool.  They left around 5 with the swimming pool half full of water.
Day 2- The next day was spent packing more sand around the pool.  An electrician arrived and extended a cable from the apartment to where the pool filter motor.  The pool guys prepared the forms for the cement sidewalk.

looking good

Day 3- The third day they poured in cement and built the platform for the pool filter.  I began the process of moving the ton of dirt they left.  I used it to raise the gardens around the villa.
swimming pool coming to life

I offered everyone a beer on the 4th day, but nobody drank beer.  I expected the pool to take those 7 to 10  days.  I am very happy they only took 4.   I am very happy the pool crew picked up their mess before they left each day.  They worked from the moment they arrived to the moment they'd left.
I am very happy with Pucho Pool.  It has given Villa Orleans a new touch.  There are times when waves are rough and you can't swim in front of the villa. There are times when the song from Jaws plays in your head as you're wetting your feet  at night and thinking of a swim.  Then, it's just better to swim in your pool.

rincon puerto rico
Badly Photoshopped Shark!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hermit Crabs

From Beach Life
hermit crab

We found this little guy while redoing the gardens.  It's the smallest hermit crab I've ever seen.  Something this small often goes unnoticed.
I try watching where I step, to keep from crushing these guys. Most of the hermit crabs I see are much larger.
How would I feel, if I were him? in the hands of a giant?
We took him to the farthest area of the property, where few feet tred and let him go.

Rincon PR Hermit Crab
From Beach Life

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mayagüez 2010 Games

Mayaguez 2010 Logo

In summer of 2010 from July 17 to August 1, 2010 the Central American and Caribbean Games (or CACs) will be celebrated in Mayaguez.  An estimated 250,000 visitors from about 40 countries are expected.   17 municipalities of Porta del Sol including other areas of the south of Puerto Rico are hosting events.
Rincon will be hosting  games as well:
  • Triathlon – Saturday July 24, 2010
  • Triathlon Relay – Sunday July 25, 2010
  • BMX – Wednesday, July 28, 2010
  • Mountain Bike – Thursday, July 29, 2010

If you're planning on visiting Rincon next summer, then it's best to reserve your lodging soon, as Rincon is  anticipating huge crowds.  If you'd like more details see this Mayaguez 2010 web site.

Download Mayaguez Games Schedule  in pdf form.