Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tropical Rainforest in Rincon PR

I love plants. I love green vegetation. I love being surrounded by so much vegetation you can feel the plants breathe.
This summer we've been nurturing the gardens with compost and ground up vegetation, working toward raising the gardens around Villa Orleans and The Secret Garden Art Gallery few feet.
Tropical TruckYesterday I saw some folks clearing out a yard, and I asked them for their trash, or rather their plants, and I hauled away 3 Tacoma truckloads of corn plants (Dracaena Fragrans).
There were more than 30 stalks, some almost 20 feet long. If I didn't take pictures of my haul you'd never believe it.

Strange hair styleI drove 3 truckloads to the Villa and tomorrow I'll plant them. One of the lovely things about living in the tropics, is that everything grows, and grows.
Tropical PlantsI cut down the larger stalks to around 8 feet. I left the 12 footers in tact. I can't wait till they're spreading their roots out and growing. I have a hard time visiting the rain forest on the other side of the island, so I'll grow my own tropical rain forest. If you have the opportunity, stop by the Secret Garden and visit our jungle.

Rincon PR

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