Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach Dog finds Home

"I wanted to thank the wonderful volunteers who rescued and fostered Rusty from Steps Beach. He is now living happily with me and my family in Connecticut. We adopted him in February.

He was sleeping in his cage with the sun on him, and my four year old boy woke him up. He was on a mission to give dogs some love and attention that day, the dogs from PR that made the trip to Stamford, the dogs without a home or family. When I asked him if he wanted to take Rusty home, his eyes and face lit up. He has been living with us since then.

He has acres to run, gets a nice long walk every day, plays ball and fetch, and has the run of the house. There are even other dogs he plays with in the area. The best part of Rusty is he is such a gentle, caring dog. He can be a bit playful and nippy with me, but he is a gentle dog when it comes to my son. He loves hugs and kisses. He is well fed, brushed, bathed, and is now living a good life. We absolutely adore him. Here are pictures of him. You do wonderful work, thank you for Rusty. He is the third dog I have rescued. The first Sato. We are hoping to adopt another Sato in a year or so, I want to give Rusty a bit more time with his new family and surroundings. But I think he would enjoy another dog around.

Lynn Russell

I have watched your you-tube videos and it breaks my heart to see how he lived. I cannot wait to go home and hug and kiss him."

my name is Rusty
I'm from Rincon PR
My new family!Rusty's two videos. Once again, thank you ARF. The Animal Rescue Foundation in Rincon has fundraisers and the monies go to helping animals in Rincon. ARF provided a voucher for Rusty's visit to the vet. Donations are always welcome.
ARF in Rincon

Rusty's first video.

ARF is sponsoring its first Cat Health Day scheduled for September 26, 2009 at the public beach in Rincon! ARF!

Tropical Gardens

My neighbors cut their Screw Pines and I picked up 2 truck loads. It's in a bad place to load my truck, and they have more. I'm hoping they don't get rid of the rest of their plants so I can cart them away.

tropical garden
I have several places where these will fit in the Secret Garden. These guys reproduce by seeds and cuttings.
tropical plantsThese guys make my day. They get close to 30 feet high, perfect for nice plant wall.
tropical rain forestRincon PR

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tropical Storm Ana

tropical storm

This image is distressing. We live on the west coast of Puerto Rico and this image places us between an invisible path between Monday and Tuesday. All summer I've been planting and attending the gardens so they're lush and jungle-ish. Now Ana threatens.
We're from New Orleans and we've seen our share of nasty storms, from Hurricane Camille in '69, to Hurricane George in '98 and Katrina in 2005.
My brothers lost their businesses in Hurricane Katrina. It took us a year for things to get back to normal after Hurricane George. So this storm is small in comparison.
The National Hurricane Center estimate we could get between 3 to 5 inches of rain. This isn't much, but take a look at the video below. I took it this past week from our normal rainy season rains.

Rincon, PR

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bamboo Plants

bamboo plants

This is Black Bamboo. Bambusa Lako, or rather Timor Black Bamboo. It was brought to us by Robert Soporito, the owner of Tropical Bamboo, a bamboo nursery in Loxahatchee, Florida.
The villa has all sorts of tropical plants, but it does not have bamboo. Robert just visited the villa and brought this beautiful bamboo plant which is the beginning of our bamboo forest.
Watch this video, listen to the sound of the wind and the sound of bamboo bumping into each other.
Check out Robert's website: Tropical Bamboo Plants. He exports to Puerto Rico.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Villa Orleans Review

 rincon puerto rico Amazing Place!"What an amazing view! Our stay was so wonderful....walking the beach in the morning, laying on the porch listening to the waves has been a perfect way to spend 6 days..."
The Burns

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tropical Rainforest in Rincon PR

I love plants. I love green vegetation. I love being surrounded by so much vegetation you can feel the plants breathe.
This summer we've been nurturing the gardens with compost and ground up vegetation, working toward raising the gardens around Villa Orleans and The Secret Garden Art Gallery few feet.
Tropical TruckYesterday I saw some folks clearing out a yard, and I asked them for their trash, or rather their plants, and I hauled away 3 Tacoma truckloads of corn plants (Dracaena Fragrans).
There were more than 30 stalks, some almost 20 feet long. If I didn't take pictures of my haul you'd never believe it.

Strange hair styleI drove 3 truckloads to the Villa and tomorrow I'll plant them. One of the lovely things about living in the tropics, is that everything grows, and grows.
Tropical PlantsI cut down the larger stalks to around 8 feet. I left the 12 footers in tact. I can't wait till they're spreading their roots out and growing. I have a hard time visiting the rain forest on the other side of the island, so I'll grow my own tropical rain forest. If you have the opportunity, stop by the Secret Garden and visit our jungle.

Rincon PR