Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Oceanfront Vacation Rental

Villa Orleans has a new design. I started the first website with Frontpage Express. Then I rewrote the design with Frontpage 2003 at least a two dozen times.
I needed a new web design program since I switched over to Mac. I tried a bunch, but the one most similar to Frontpage is DreamWeaver. I never understood why Mac folks were so fanatical about the Mac, but I do now.  I like my Mac.
My design is now more consistent, and in CSS. It's fun learning DreamWeaver. At Villa Orleans we do the gardening, minor and major renovations, publicity, marketing and our websites. I did our Youtube Videos, and I'm waiting for my Hi Def Panasonic camcorder so I can create better looking videos.
I'm still tinkering with the site; there are still kinks to work out. If you're looking for an Oceanfront Vacation Rental, check it out:

Rincon PR

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