Monday, July 20, 2009


Ginger plantsThis is Rosita Sanchez next to her ginger flower samples. Rosita farms ornamental ginger and at the farmer's market in Rincon she brought a bunch. I met her last week at the farmer's market in San Sabastian. She has about 30 varieties on her farm.

BeautifulSome of these flowers don't look real, they're very beautiful. Rosita visits the farmer's market in Rincon. It's a great place to get fruit, honey, jellies and all sorts of organic goodies.

Exotic plantsI bought eight varieties, including ornamental banana, beehive, and others and these are going into the Secret Garden Gallery area.

Bumble Bee GingerI love the elegance of ginger.

Like a wax sculptureIf you'd like to speak to Rosita her number is 787-877-2167. She charges from $7 to $10 per plant and will make you a deal if you take a bunch. She visits Rincon the first and third Sunday of the month. In San Sabastian's flea market her area number is 267, or just look for the ginger flowers.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, I dont know much about flowers but they look amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Really unique-looking flowers!