Friday, July 3, 2009

Beach Day

We spent a day on the beach. You'd think living in Puerto Rico we'd go to the beach all the time, but we don't. You actually get tired of the beach. We barbecued with our guests from West Virginia. They collected several gallons of sea glass and found rare red glass.

Nina watched the girls, while one of the guests took the kayak out for a spin. I grilled, so I kept an eye on the fire.

Limpy our sea dog, is at the bow of the kayak.

It rained earlier, a torrential rain and the day was some what cloudy, and water gray, but after the sun came out the water changed greenish. It's usually this way before a rain.

This year I didn't see the thousands of sardines migrating across the villa. Tarpon, jack fish and barracuda follow. After rains you see tarpon float at the surface, but I guess they're following the sardines. I didn't see any either.

We grilled fresh fish, chicken and steak. Barbecue aromas called everyone to the table. One of our guests asked when I'd last visited the states. About 20 years ago. I like living in the tropics. Our winters and summers are similar. These are the perfect days in the Caribbean.

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