Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sahara Dust

These days look cloudy. Well, not cloudy, but dusty. Dust from the Sahara has made its way across the Atlantic and is falling over the island.
Dust from the hot desert rises up and catches a ride on air layers moving across the Atlantic. This dusk makes for gloomy days and it has some negative and positive effects on the island.

-This dust helps bleach coral and affects people with respiratory problems.
- But, in the layer in which it travels blocks heat from the sun, and thus keeps the Atlantic waters a tad cooler inhibiting hurricanes from forming.
Six hurricanes are forecast this year even though this is supposed to be a low dust summer. Check out this picture of dust crossing the Atlantic.
This is the way the day is supposed to look without dust. Both pictures were taken in the morning around the same time.
Our days would be dull without the constant changing colors and weather.
(note: hurricane season begins June 1 and ends November 30)

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