Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bamboo Workshop

The first bamboo and  eco-seminar work shop will be held July 24-26.  If there is anything you want to know about bamboo then this is the workshop to attend.  The workshop will focus on 3 bamboo projects and sustainable agricultural practices for the tropics.  

Joe Sheer, author and  bamboo expert owns vacation rental bamboo hooches on about 12 acres in Rincon.  A hooch is a small hut on bamboo stilts.  He has one of the most informative websites in the area.   Two of his clients are El Coqui in Rincon, and Dos Ceibas.  You can find his book How to Build with Bamboo
on Amazon.
Sadhu Govardhan  owns a 10 acre tropical fruit tree farm in the Mayaguez  mountains.   I am a client of Sadu.  I bought about 6 fruit trees from him many years ago and they're producing now.  He recently wrote  book called  Oro Verde "Securing the future of our food".


DATE :           July 24-26

LOCATION :   Tropical Tree House / Rincon / Puerto Rico

FEE :               $180 (including 6 vegetarian meals)

                        Accommodations (2 nights): $10 (tent), $30 (house), $30 (bamboo hooch)

SPEAKERS :    Sadhu Govardhan (author of “Oro Verde – Securing the Future of our Food”

                        Jo Scheer (author of “How to Build with Bamboo”)

                        Joaquin Chong, phD (Compost expert)

For the bamboo workshop agenda, visit Sadu's Website:  Govardhan Gardens
and while you're at it, visit Jo's: Tropical Tree House

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Roberto the Scurvy Dog said...

Will you be doing anymore workshops? I live in Coamo. RobertosPuertoRico.com I would like to do a story about Bamboo in Puerto Rico. Robert Westmoreland