Saturday, May 2, 2009

Puerto Rico Earthquakes

Since I moved down to Puerto Rico, the earth has been shaking. At times there are around 300 tremors per month. This is an active area where the Caribbean and the North American Plate meet. I've always thought about mentioning the tremors. Sometimes you feel them, but mostly you don't. This morning, around 4:30 I felt one, strong enough to wake me up. It sounded like the trembling you feel when thunder passes after a lightning strike, but it lasted about 25 seconds. My exercise machine, and knit knacks on the dresser also trembled.
Tremors are a good sign.  It means the plates are releasing energy.  If they didn't, the energy would build up, and then shake in a fierce way.

It was over as fast as it came.  This tremor was 3.5.  A smaller tremor shook about half an hour later, but I didn't feel that one.   In the local schools you have earthquake drills.   If the schools are near water, you also have tsunami drills.  I guess I have to prep my family in case we get the big one.  But, with all the tremors and the shaking, it may not come.

 You can get much information about local and worldwide earthquakes from the US Gov Earthquake Hazard Program  and  the Puerto Rico Seismic Network.


Anonymous said...

I never knew there was earthquakes in PR. I was there last week but my family lives in the central area. We drove to Rincon and I was also suprised to see Tsunami signs.

Edgardo said...

yeah the west side of the island gets a lot of them i felt a 4.0 in anasco a couple years ago but thank god it wasnt th big one