Saturday, April 4, 2009

Puerto Rico Beach Dog Adopted

This is Nick and  Chupacabra.  Nick came down on vacation to surf and found a beach dog.
Nick decided to take this dog back to New York.  But he was here for a short week so we took care of the paper work.  The Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) gave us a voucher for the dog's shots and examination.  (Yea ARF!)

It cost $199 to ship a dog without his accompanying human. ($199 + .28 per pound).  Continental is the only airline in Aguadilla that lets you ship a dog without a human.
There were 4 other dogs waiting to go to New York as well.  Thank you Nick.
Our guests were from New York, most worked for MTV.  All loved Rincon.  It was a first time visit for most.  The MTV folks work in film and some vowed to return for the Rincon Film Festival in April.  They were all concerned about stray dogs in Puerto Rico and offered to come back and work on a dog documentary. 
 I found a documentary from investigative journalist and author Jane Velez-Mitchell.  She works for CNN made this film about dogs on the island.  Check them out:

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