Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Film Festival Opening Night

The food, place and films were exceptional.  The opening night of the festival was perfect.  During the day it rained hard, so hard I thought the films might be cancelled. But, the rains moved on and left a beautiful clear cool night.
Ten films were presented and the best ones (I think)  Gerald's Last Day, about a dog in pound.  We've got a dog population problem in Rincon Puerto Rico, and that film hijacked my feelings
 and The Gift Wrapper, a sweet film, short, romantic and beautiful.

Tonight is Fright Night at Shipwrecks:
Wednesday Evening April 29 FRIGHT NIGHT Rated (R)
Side Effect - 13 Min. - USA - Dir Liz Adams - Lauren is an attractive, over-achieving, young woman and the new babysitter for the upper-middle-class couple, The Allens. With the trusted Lauren in charge of their adorable children, the couple head out for the night. Filmmaker will be in Attendance.
Treevenge - 16 Min. - CANADA - Dir. Jason Eisener - Treevenge details the experiences and horrifying reality of the lives of Christmas trees. Clearly, for trees, Christmas isn t the exciting peace on earth that is experienced by most.
Sometimes We Hum - 7 Min. - USA - Dir. Cliff Traiman - Ex-Marine, W.A. Richards wants nothing more than to enjoy a peaceful evening at home. When his obnoxious, rude neighbor makes that impossible, Richards takes command of the situation in a most unexpected way.
Hush - 18 Min. - USA - Dir. Fernando Cordero, Haruko Kawana -
A psychological thriller about Alice, a young woman dealing with the loss of her child and the growing apathy of her husband. As Alice staggers through her days she begins to witness strange events that unravel the couple's tragic past. WORLD PREMIERE
Afterglow - 11 Min. - USA - Dir. Andres Anglade - In the aftermath of a failed alien invasion, two men from the newly formed militia are challenged with determining if the threat died with the invasion or if it lies manifest in a once familiar territory.
Filmmakers in Attendance. WORLD PREMIERE
Naco - 11 Min. - PUERTO RICO - Dir. Julio Benito Cabrera - Filmmakers/Cast will be present. - Two kids skip school to go surfing. On their way home, along comes a homeless man named Naco. Filmmakers in Attendance. WORLD PREMIERE
The Rincon Film Festival

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