Monday, February 2, 2009

Statesiders Discover Rincon, PR

In yesterday's El Nuevo Dia there's an article on the number of statesiders living in Rincon.  The article says there's about 3,000 living in Rincon, but I'm will to wager the number is higher.  Town population is estimated about 15,000, so that's around 20%.   Winter tourism brings statesiders, but there are many folks who live here during winter and wander back to the states during the summer and are not counted. 

Rincon is a great place to visit.  There's no stop light.  There's an occasional traffic jam.  There are many great restaurants, art galleries, bars, bed n breakfasts, vacation rentals and Inns.    There's a great bilingual newspaper (El Coqui check it out online).  Many  businesses are bilingual: banks, real estate offices, doctor's offices, bakeries.  I think you'd have a hard time finding a business that didn't speak English.  

There's plenty to do on vacation: surf, learn surfing, deep sea fish, sail, scuba, snorkel, horse back ride, gamble,  golf, yoga, tennis, work out, kayak.  There's miles of beaches to wander, explore or play in.  It's pretty much the same weather year round.  I don't own a sweater.  It's no wonder statesiders move here.   It's a great place for a beach vacation.  It's not complicated flying down here.  No passport or strange vaccinations are required.  The Aguadilla airport is about 30 minutes away from Rincon, and about 4 hours from New York.

A net search for Rincon will dig up a few hundred websites and blogs all in English.

Rincon is a great place to retire.  Property values have dropped, but the quality of life here is high.  Real estate is less expensive off the beach but beachfront real estate is in demand and becoming  scarce.

There are a few nice  community organizations: Surfrider and the Animal Rescue Organization.  Both strive to make Rincon a better place to live.   Both have members from almost every state in the union.

Rincon is still a small country town.   It's no wonder folks move down here.

Winter in Rincon Puerto Rico

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Great article, informative and really opens up ones options when it comes to relocating to Puerto Rico, thanks.