Thursday, February 12, 2009

Puerto Rico Tree Top Vacation Rental

I stopped by to visit a friend, Jo Sheer who  returned from the states.  He's been away for a few years and now he is building "hooches" in Puerto Rico.  Hooches?  Yeah, hooches.  Made from bamboo and sort of float in the tree tops.  They're  tree houses.
What's marvelous about these structures is they're eco friendly

No doors, no windows, no walls.  A mosquito net keeps bugs away.  Jo calls this Glamping- glorious camping.  Each hooch has: a fully equipped kitchenette, a separate bathroom hooch with flush toilet, 12 volt solar electricity and hot water from a solar heater.   Hey Jo, where's the wi-fi?

  He has 3 of these and a few more are coming.  It takes him two weeks to put a hooch up.  He charges $100 per night, per couple. Or if you want your own hooch, I think he's charging $14,000 per structure.

If you've ever thought about a jungle vacation, this is the place.  He has 12 acres and you can hike and explore his jungle.  Jo is into bamboo, and he has a bamboo Forest.  This is less than 10 minutes  to civilization and  the beach.  He is also planning a bicycle trail, which would add to the  Things-to-do list in Rincon.

  The kitchen and toilets are also in the trees.
I didn't get pictures of the main house which he also rents out.  I showed up when he was starting the day and he wasn't ready for my impromptu visit.  But the house is marvelous, another work of art.  If you're in Rincon, you have to see these hooches.
He has a very nice website, with much information check it out: Bamboo Vacation Rental
(Note: wi-fi can be had at local coffee shop, Surf's Up, less than 8 minutes away)

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