Saturday, February 7, 2009

Puerto Rico Sunken Treasure!

In these tough economic times, a couple of Puertorican senators have come up with a creative way of bringing in monies from an unlikely source: treasure.  Sunken treasure.  Treasure once belonging  to the notorious Privateer Sir Francis Drake.  Treasure?  That's right, treasure.  Estimated to be worth between $1,000 to $2,000 million dollars.
These two senators are trying to pass legislation so gold recovered will be divided  between the goverment and the ones actually salvaging the treasure.  50-50 split.
The monies from this treasure will be ear marked for the 2010 Central American  Games.
Where is this treasure?  Somewhere on the northern coast between Aguadilla and Isabella.  In about 200 ft of water.  It seems that a diver has already brought up some pottery, so he has evidence this sunken galleon exists.
This project is just the beginning.  There are approximately 200 sunken galleons in Puerto Rico waters and they believe this project will open the door to rescuing the other 200 vessels.  The senators also dream of a museum for all this treasure.
But dreams, have their reality.  There are international laws stating a sunken boat belongs to its country.  The Federal Government also has its laws, which bring them in conflict with state laws.  But it's nice to dream anyway.
El Nuevo Dia Article (In Spanish).

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