Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free Wi-Fi in Rincon Puerto Rico

Rincon Puerto Rico has a free gym, free tennis courts, and I discovered today free Wi-Fi in the plaza.  Now you can visit the plaza, sit on a bench and check your emails, search for local info and so forth.

My favorite places  to check the net when my home connection is down is Surf's Up.  They're right off 115 when you're going to town.  Their number is 787-823-1953.  Their Wi-Fi is free.

And I like Banana Dang, up in Puntas.  It's another great place for coffee and a Wi-fi connection.  They're on route 413, next to the Lazy Parrot.  Their number is 787-823-0963.

 Oh, and did I mention both places have goodies to munch on while you surf the net? 

Rincon PR


Anonymous said...

Wow Rincon sounds pretty cool. I also just read on another blog that there is a place called Rincon Brilla where they give you free plants & info on planting :)

Villa Orleans said...

Yes, check out:

They scooped up some cool plants at el municipio. I didn't know the municipio gave away free plants.