Friday, February 27, 2009

Puerto Rico Film Festival in Rincon

Lights! Camera! Action!  The Rincon Film Festival is still accepting films until March 18.  If you're a director you still have time to submit your film.  Last year 300 films were submitted from 14 countries. 30 film makers from China, Argentina, Germany, Canada, USA and Puerto Rico attended. 69 films were screened.
The Rincon International Film Festival will be held this year from April 28 to May 3. Selected films will be presented at the Lazy Parrot, Casa Islena, Ship Wreck and Rincon Beach Resort.

Villa Cofresi will offer continuous movies from 10am until 5pm Wednesday,
Thursday and Friday April 29, 30 and May 1.

Visit the site for more info:

Submissions are still being accepted until  March 18, 2009.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Puerto Rico Vacation

Rincon PR Sunset

Hi Nina, Roberto and Luis
We're back to cold grey NY!!
missing the little space up there and the sun and air.
thanks so much for everything. 
Luis, sorry we did not get to see you again, but for sure we'll be back.
Also, thanks for all of those great tangerines.... we enjoyed them thoroughly
Nina, didn't make it down to hang with you that last night...packing and last moments of solitude, but thanks for the invitation.
let me know if you need anything from NY.
nadia + jonah

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Things to do in Rincon Puerto Rico

Landscape painting
If you're looking for Things to do in Rincon Puerto Rico, well this Friday and Saturday there is an art exhibit in the town square.  This exhibit is sponsored by the Municipality of Rincon and promises to be a family affair.  You can watch local artist create.  Several Jazz  and dance groups are also on the venue.
The activity starts at 6 pm on Friday 20, and 12 pm on Saturday 21st.
For more info: 787-485-3087

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Puerto Rico Tree Top Vacation Rental

I stopped by to visit a friend, Jo Sheer who  returned from the states.  He's been away for a few years and now he is building "hooches" in Puerto Rico.  Hooches?  Yeah, hooches.  Made from bamboo and sort of float in the tree tops.  They're  tree houses.
What's marvelous about these structures is they're eco friendly

No doors, no windows, no walls.  A mosquito net keeps bugs away.  Jo calls this Glamping- glorious camping.  Each hooch has: a fully equipped kitchenette, a separate bathroom hooch with flush toilet, 12 volt solar electricity and hot water from a solar heater.   Hey Jo, where's the wi-fi?

  He has 3 of these and a few more are coming.  It takes him two weeks to put a hooch up.  He charges $100 per night, per couple. Or if you want your own hooch, I think he's charging $14,000 per structure.

If you've ever thought about a jungle vacation, this is the place.  He has 12 acres and you can hike and explore his jungle.  Jo is into bamboo, and he has a bamboo Forest.  This is less than 10 minutes  to civilization and  the beach.  He is also planning a bicycle trail, which would add to the  Things-to-do list in Rincon.

  The kitchen and toilets are also in the trees.
I didn't get pictures of the main house which he also rents out.  I showed up when he was starting the day and he wasn't ready for my impromptu visit.  But the house is marvelous, another work of art.  If you're in Rincon, you have to see these hooches.
He has a very nice website, with much information check it out: Bamboo Vacation Rental
(Note: wi-fi can be had at local coffee shop, Surf's Up, less than 8 minutes away)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Puerto Rico Sunken Treasure!

In these tough economic times, a couple of Puertorican senators have come up with a creative way of bringing in monies from an unlikely source: treasure.  Sunken treasure.  Treasure once belonging  to the notorious Privateer Sir Francis Drake.  Treasure?  That's right, treasure.  Estimated to be worth between $1,000 to $2,000 million dollars.
These two senators are trying to pass legislation so gold recovered will be divided  between the goverment and the ones actually salvaging the treasure.  50-50 split.
The monies from this treasure will be ear marked for the 2010 Central American  Games.
Where is this treasure?  Somewhere on the northern coast between Aguadilla and Isabella.  In about 200 ft of water.  It seems that a diver has already brought up some pottery, so he has evidence this sunken galleon exists.
This project is just the beginning.  There are approximately 200 sunken galleons in Puerto Rico waters and they believe this project will open the door to rescuing the other 200 vessels.  The senators also dream of a museum for all this treasure.
But dreams, have their reality.  There are international laws stating a sunken boat belongs to its country.  The Federal Government also has its laws, which bring them in conflict with state laws.  But it's nice to dream anyway.
El Nuevo Dia Article (In Spanish).

Friday, February 6, 2009

Marias Beach Clean Up--Feb 7, 2009

Saturday Beach Clean Up, 8 am!

Help preserve out beaches.  

Visit the Rincon Surfrider Blog  for info on activities.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Statesiders Discover Rincon, PR

In yesterday's El Nuevo Dia there's an article on the number of statesiders living in Rincon.  The article says there's about 3,000 living in Rincon, but I'm will to wager the number is higher.  Town population is estimated about 15,000, so that's around 20%.   Winter tourism brings statesiders, but there are many folks who live here during winter and wander back to the states during the summer and are not counted. 

Rincon is a great place to visit.  There's no stop light.  There's an occasional traffic jam.  There are many great restaurants, art galleries, bars, bed n breakfasts, vacation rentals and Inns.    There's a great bilingual newspaper (El Coqui check it out online).  Many  businesses are bilingual: banks, real estate offices, doctor's offices, bakeries.  I think you'd have a hard time finding a business that didn't speak English.  

There's plenty to do on vacation: surf, learn surfing, deep sea fish, sail, scuba, snorkel, horse back ride, gamble,  golf, yoga, tennis, work out, kayak.  There's miles of beaches to wander, explore or play in.  It's pretty much the same weather year round.  I don't own a sweater.  It's no wonder statesiders move here.   It's a great place for a beach vacation.  It's not complicated flying down here.  No passport or strange vaccinations are required.  The Aguadilla airport is about 30 minutes away from Rincon, and about 4 hours from New York.

A net search for Rincon will dig up a few hundred websites and blogs all in English.

Rincon is a great place to retire.  Property values have dropped, but the quality of life here is high.  Real estate is less expensive off the beach but beachfront real estate is in demand and becoming  scarce.

There are a few nice  community organizations: Surfrider and the Animal Rescue Organization.  Both strive to make Rincon a better place to live.   Both have members from almost every state in the union.

Rincon is still a small country town.   It's no wonder folks move down here.

Winter in Rincon Puerto Rico

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Free Wi-Fi in Rincon Puerto Rico

Rincon Puerto Rico has a free gym, free tennis courts, and I discovered today free Wi-Fi in the plaza.  Now you can visit the plaza, sit on a bench and check your emails, search for local info and so forth.

My favorite places  to check the net when my home connection is down is Surf's Up.  They're right off 115 when you're going to town.  Their number is 787-823-1953.  Their Wi-Fi is free.

And I like Banana Dang, up in Puntas.  It's another great place for coffee and a Wi-fi connection.  They're on route 413, next to the Lazy Parrot.  Their number is 787-823-0963.

 Oh, and did I mention both places have goodies to munch on while you surf the net? 

Rincon PR