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Puerto Rico Villa Orleans Review

Trip Advisor Review
We arrived at the airport in Aguadilla at nearly 11pm (direct flights on Continental from Newark.   Aguadilla is a small, modern airport, much more convenient to Rincon than San Juan.   And when the plane landed...all the passengers cheered!) and Luis was there to meet us with his little truck.   Later we discovered he had driven all the way from his home quite south of Villa Orleans because he was concerned that we find our way easily at night.   We were very thankful for his help as the driveway to the Villa would have been easy to miss in the dark. 

My first impression was of a tropical paradise as we drove down the steep, jungley driveway, through the trees past the little art gallery and to where we could see the waves crashing against the shore.

Villa Orleans is a quiet, peaceful place that carries a constant energy from the background of the waves.   They really do crash right against the foundation of the house.   There are two small beaches, one right in front of the house and another down a path that sports little lizards scampering just beyond reach. 
  I was concerned about poisonous snakes since I had my two small grandchildren with me.    Roberto informed us that not only are there no poisonous snakes on the island, we were not likely to see any snakes at all.    We did however adopt a tentative friendship with the large spider living in the outdoor shower!

The property has an abundance of coconut palms and my son and husband spent hours gathering the ripe nuts and cracking them open Robinson Crusoe style.   We had fresh coconut for breakfast most every morning!

I recommend bringing snorkeling stuff if you are so inclined.   We spent hours scouting out the fish and coral among the rocks just in front of the Villa. Particularly beautiful were the giant purple sea fans.   Also there are black sea urchins.   DO NOT TOUCH as they are sharp and sting. 
Typically by May the waves have calmed down for the summer (Rincon is famous for its high winter surf) but when we were there the breakers were plenty big enough to body surf.   Never the less, they were not too big for my two year old grandson to play tag with them as they rolled up on shore in front of the house.

Villa Orleans boasts huge porches across the ocean side of the house. We spent hours out there enjoying the shade and gazing out across the bay. Late in the afternoon clouds would gather out by Mayaguez (across the bay)...... The western coast of Puerto Rico is stunning. Enjoy your stay and tell Roberto and Nina hi for me!
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