Thursday, January 1, 2009

Puerto Rico Sunrise

Beachfront Sunrise     January 1, 2009
I aways see sunset photos of Rincon, but I don't see sunrise photos.  This is a photo from the beach deck at Villa Orleans.  It's the first dawn of the year.    Dawn is my favorite time of the day.  
 I sat in front of a cold dark beach and day came to life in warm colors.  I photoshop many of my pictures, but these are untouched.
As the sun rises the colors turn gray, and the ocean gradually turns to shades of cool blue.  I love the tropics.
Rincon Puerto Rico


Isasbread said...

I love Puerto Rico, jeje
Thanks for sharing your photos.

Villa Orleans said...

Hi Isa,
I used to be a baker too. We grew up baking because my grandmother ran a bakery out of her kitchen. She owned a bakery in Guatemala. I still bake occasionally. I grind my wheat with a coffee grinder and use the flour for everything, from gravy to cakes.