Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Pool Bar

A place seldom mentioned on the net is The Pool Bar, up in Puntas.  It's a small place, a colorful swimming pool, surrounded by a few tables with a billboard size screen showing surf flicks. There's one waitress, one bartender, and 3 chefs.
Cute bartenderIt serves sushi and it is wonderful.  For those who don't like raw sushi, they  serve varieties with cooked seafood.  Below is the Hungry Surfer, a ginger-garlic shrimp roll.

Hmmm sushi
 They serve hot Sake and cold Sapporos.  I like  my Sake cold, and I didn't see the Sapporos on the menu.  I lived in New Orleans and I love great food.  This place reminds me of one of those small great undiscovered restaurants,  known only to locals.
Sake anyone?

Seaweed Salad, very tasty.  
Hmmm seaweed
Their menu is tropical/Japanese. Some dishes are served with mango, coconut and avocado.  But don't take my word for it.

Pool Sign
The sign to Pool's Beach Bar.  Park your car at the sign and  follow the trail.

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Anonymous said...

INCREDIBLe, delicious sushi!! The best ever!!!All organic, too..vegie sand all.. Yuri and Allison are amazing!!!!!Everyone has to go thereat least once, in this lifetime!!