Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Puerto Rico BlackBerry Websites

I like playing with web stuff and I finally got around to writing my mobi web sites.  I first had a Treo Palm and I loved surfing with it on the net.  Well, I'm a bit rough on my stuff and after 18 months my Treo went berzerk.  So I invested in a BlackBerry Peal.  It's a nice machine. I wrote a couple of  one page web sites for my BlackBerry.  One to plug our Vacation Rental, and the other to plug our Beachfront Property For Sale

Anyhow, they don't look good if you look at them with a PC.  You really need a BlackBerry.  I checked my code and I have about 100,000 coding errors.   Oh well, I'l fix them tomorrow.

Rincon PR

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