Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is one of one of our dogs, Fluffy.  but he wasn't always this beautiful.  We found him on the side of the road. 

He looked like a white paper bag from the distance.  He'd pop out the grass and hide again.  He was bald, covered in a rash , ticks and fleas.  He was too small to run away.  We  called him Fluffy because he had a small  patch of hair on his tail waving like a flag.  He fit in the palm of my hand.

Someone had dropped him off, because there wasn't  a house nearby.  His hair began growing as soon as we bathed him.  Fluffy has one blue eye and one black one.  His blue eye turned into a cataract.  

He's a wonderful affectionate dog.  He likes watching himself in the mirror.   He gets hyper and zips around the house like a caffeine crazed Super Dog.   I have 5 dogs at my home in the mountains.  

We have two dogs at Villa Orleans.  The villa is pet friendly and we often get small dogs vacationing with their families.   Last year we had two families adopt dogs from Puerto Rico and take them back to the states.  I'm hoping we can Rusty, the beach dog at Steps a home.

Rincon PR

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