Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snorkeling Steps Beach

Famous "Steps"

We went snorkeling at  Steps Beach yesterday.  When you live in the tropics, your sense of cold is different.  My wife wears a sweater when it gets 70 degrees.  It was cool when we arrived around 9 am.  The sun hadn't touched the water yet.   The water seemed murky.

In an instant, we  felt the temperature rise.  The sun hit the water directly and it was a magical moment.  The water changed colors.  We grabbed our snorkel gear and jumped in.   It's always hard taking pictures of fish, they're always moving away.
Blue Tangs

The water was a tad warmer than the air, delicious!   We left around 11 am, by then the beach had plenty of sun bathers.
Rincon PR

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Anonymous said...

WOw it looked great after the sun came out! Im glad I found your blog :)