Sunday, December 28, 2008

Recycling in Rincon

We try recycling as much as we can at Villa Orleans.  We have several small plastic cans and  make weekly trips to drop off our items.  At times we get a lot of stuff.   99 percent of our guests cooperate.

We separate  everything  to make the job for the folks at the recycling center easy.

The recycling center isn't usually like this.  One of the obstacles of recycling in Rincon, is that some community members think anything can be recycled.  They bring in mattresses,  air conditioners, tires and their trash from home.   (They'll accept tires without rims.)

We stopped off on a  Saturday afternoon,  right after Christmas.  During the week folks working the center keep it organized, and there's an old guy who educates/lectures on what the center can and cannot accept.
I remember when the first recycling center in Rincon opened.  That was way back in 1993 (if  memory serves correct).  I was volunteering for the Ecology League of Rincon, and the municipality loaned a tract of land.  StarKist Tuna donated some huge containers.  We placed them along the fence.  We painted clown faces with open cut-out mouths on boards and hung these in front of the containers to encourage the community to recycle.  We were one of the first communities recycling.
Today many municipalities recycle.  Some neighborhoods have a recycling day where the municipality sends out its recycling truck for pick up.  Some schools recycle.  Some universities recycle.   Some recycle in principal, but don't actually.  
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Where exactly is the recycling center in Rincon?