Friday, December 19, 2008

Orange Season

Orange Season arrived in November, and now we're seeing oranges everywhere.  A sack of 100 is bought for around $10.  If you rent a vacation home  ask if they have a juicer.  It's nice having fresh squeezed orange juice any time you want it.  The oranges are still small and tart.  But still, a fresh squeezed glass of juice is delicious.

We have several orange trees on the property and boy are they loaded.  In the states oranges are orange, but here they're ripe they're orange-greenish.  We have several varieties:
  • Sour orange, which is really an orange flavored lemon.  You can't eat eat but it's nice to condiment chicken and for marmalade.  Leaves are great for tea.
  • Tangerines, we have a small and large variety. Both are sweet.
  • Chironja, a combination of orange and grapefruit.  Plenty of juice but mild flavor.
  • Common orange.

In Puerto Rico, oranges are called "chinas" pronounced cheeenas.  In other Spanish counties they're called naranjas.  In Puerto Rico nananjas refer to the sour variety.
We have one annoying orange pest: the iguanas.   The dogs go nuts when they're in the trees.  Iguanas hollow out the oranges and leave them dangling in trees.

Rincon Puerto Rico

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Marta said...

For me having an orange tree in your own garden is so exotic! I'm really jealous as I think there is nothing better than freshly squeezed orange juice every morning. That's something I experienced when I was in South America. There were also mangos, papayas, guayabas and many more tropical fruits... I also write about my trips on my travel blog . Hope you like it!